Saturday, May 28, 2005


how is it possible to be this frustrated with your parents?? i'm 22 years old, still living at home, and my parents are the most annoying people in the world to me. granted i'm only home every couple days, but after being here for only a little while i remember why i dont stay here most of the time. they certainly have changed since i was little though. my 2 year old nephew is here right now. dad came in from the garden a while ago and sat down in his chair. "what are we watchin'? pumba? wanna watch the news?" they actually watched cartoons for a good 15 minutes. that Never wouldve happened when i was little. he got mad over some subliminal messaging and still didnt change the channel. then there was a little girl doing a rap song, that did it. we listened to mexican preaching for a while and now they're watching a very old romance movie from like the 50's. where are my parents?? years ago it was a constant fight between hannity and colmes and carol duvall. now they have lots of other things to argue about. while dad was getting mad a while ago about all the subliminal messaging to kids, apparently mom couldnt understand him and they started arguing about him mumbling. wee fun. man, i miss being little and not knowing the difference. and lord knows i cant wait to get married so me and my husband can argue and fight 16 hours a day about piddly shit. i tingle with anticipation. course that looks further away now than ever, but that doesnt really fit in here. i gotta find something to do. any bored people with a phone????

Friday, May 27, 2005

youth in asia

so i ran over my pup the other day. his ball, of his ball and socket joint, is broken completely off. if, when he starts to walk, he puts pressure on this, the ball will slip down and the leg bone will slip up causing the top of the femur to rub on the hip and causing the ball to rub lower down on the femur. where his hips connect is cracked down the middle as well as fractured here and there. he only has one testicle, the other one is still inside his abdomen and without it being removed, he'll eventually get testicular cancer. as sweet and good spirited as he is, he's not in good shape. so, good pet owners that we're trying to become, brad and i talk this out for a lengthy time and decide maybe it would be better to go ahead and have him put to sleep considering that if he doesnt have at least two major surgeries (in addition to the one for his bladder that he's already had) he'll die of cancer, but until then have extremely sevier arthritis and walk with a painful limp. so, i reluctantly call the vet's office and give her my suggestion. she became outraged. we werent being fair to ourselves or to the puppy. we werent even giving the pup a chance. that dog is nowhere near euthanasia and there was no way she could agree to that. she told me we could let him live until he got cancer and as far as his hips, you see dogs on the street all the time walking around limp-legged that have never seen a vet. so, i promptly proceeded to cry in guilt. she said if we absolutely do not want the dog she would help us get him adopted. great, someone to take our puppy and love it. but will he have the surgeries with the other person? my concern isnt making sure the dog gets enough food and love, i can handle that part just fine. my concern is the quality of life this pup is gonna have. it pisses me off that i was made out to be cold hearted, because at least in the pet department, i am far from that.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

big girls dont cry

thank goodness i'm not a fattie, cause skinny girls cry like bitches.

moving on...

got to go to a family reuion last weekend. not my family, wewhew. so, i found the one guy not wearing khakis, who stood over 6 ft, weighed a good 60 to 70 lbs, and had a giant black 'fro. we wound up talking about his last 25 years of being in a rock band and his past drug addictions. it was enjoyable. and i realized i watch entirely too much animal cops houston when i got seriously unnerved for a few minutes after realizing these people had let their daschund get obese knowing obviously that they need to be a little on the thin side due to the breed's chronic back problems. sit down jane. its okay.

after we left there, we saw the final star wars movie. yay. it was actually alot better than i had figured. chick has twins, dude gets burned, tons of fun. and since everybody's freakin' out about people saying anymore detail than that. i just wont.

sunday, i dont remember right now, but i'm sure it happened. crack, anyone??

monday rocked ass. tuesday morning i ran over a pup. took him to the vet, his abdomen had herniated and his leg was broken. did surgery today and his guts werent all shredded like they had thought, his bladder was in shock and the neck of his femur is broken. so, he should be able to walk in 2-3 weeks. that should be fun. carrying pup to go poop multiple times a day.

well, time to go home.

Monday, May 16, 2005

snaggle puss

Went to Dallas this weekend. Had an absolute blast. Saturday we went to the sci-fi toy expo where I got to meet jango fett, boba fett, darth maul, the original darth vader, ummmm, no one else I knew. I was a little disappointed by the fact that it was almost entirely star wars. I realize that the last star wars movie is just about to come out, but still. What happened to star trek and mst3k and quantum leap and well, all the other shows and movies well within the realm of the genre science fiction?? And why is rocky horror picture show not there. It involved aliens, medical anomalies, and what nots. There was also tons more porn there than I expected. Normal porn at that. I found some old scifi, or well, rather, horror porn magazines from like the 80’s. I could see the relevance of that. I also found a porn spoof of star wars (I guess, I didn’t investigate too much) called sex wars. I picked it up, turned it over, and immediately put it back down. That was about it. None of this actually impacted my trip any, so moving on…
Afterwards, we ate at steak and shakes and I stole a new spoon to add to my collection. Woo-hoo!! After that we went and found a hotel: days inn. So, after all the running around, jumping on the bed, standing on all the furniture, and decided which items to steal (oh, wait, all of those were just me) I put on my bikini and we headed down to the pool. And just in case anyone missed that, I PUT ON MY BIKINI and headed down to the POOL. Sure enough, no one vomited in disgust at first sight of me, so I’d say all went well. The whole thing was only like 5 feet deep, so it was actually pretty cool. I got to run around the whole pool. Brad tried teaching me the back stroke, then just regular swimming. So, after threatening to puke in the water, that was the end of that. I cannot stand to have water on the front of my neck and the bottom of my face. No serious panic attacks though. Even with blue lips and purple fingernails, we stayed out there a couple hours, I think. It was a loooooot more fun than I was expecting it to be. We ate a romantic dinner out of the vending machine, then went to sleep. Got up early, stole everything I could get my hands on, and went to the galleria mall. Turns out they don’t open until 12. Oops. So, we walked around, ate, I had sweet and sour chicken for the first time that I remember. I bought me a shiatsu(?) neck massager. Yay. i almost bought one of those the last time we went, but didnt and regretted it later. we ate about 4 or so more times before we got home. apparently i'm a pig and didnt realize the full extent to which i had gotten. got home, watched survivor, was a little disappointed by the outcome. i'm still pissed angie got voted off. buuuut. and we found out that the next season is NOT going to be on a beach, hey, a change, cool. 'bout time. it'll be in the mayan ruins in south america. they also said they'd be forced to live by the mayan culture and traditions and stuff, so we'll also finally get to see some human sacrifices on tv. it's about damn time.

so, ends my weekend...

today i got to go BACK to the gynocologist to have my quim probed. they didnt go deep enough last time. joy. my only real complaint was the woman did not use lube. none. no lube at all. oh, for the love of everything sacred and holy, my poor crotch. the whole thing lasted about 20 seconds so i guess i cant complain that much. wait, yes, i can. this woman did not use lube. i felt my poor flesh rip and by rip i mean slightly snag. it was enough to make me jump and say whoa shit though. i tried to just bit my lip after that. ouch. so, i hobbled to the front desk, and much to my surprise i didnt have to pay again since it was their mistake. thank goodness. i then hobbled out to my car and came to work. and. well. here i am. hi...

Friday, May 13, 2005


i was thinking last night and suddenly my brain was hit by a tiny lightening bolt. i realized that the two most monumental life scarring days of my life were halloween and friday the 13th. this struck me as significant. then i realized that the halloween wasnt actually on the 31st, it was on the 30th, but that's nit picking.

well, off to be an accepted nerd in dallas tomorrow. i'm heading to the scifi toy convention thingamajig. woo-hoo!! i'm desperately praying this will be a self esteem booster for me. oh please, oh please, oh please. it occurred to me only two days ago that i NEED to get a haircut before i go, you know, so i dont look like the shaggy homeless person that i've been looking like for the past, oh, say 6-8 months now. but after searching oh so hard for somebody to cut it for me, the one place i called wasnt available yesterday. so, i did a little trim job of my own. scary. i kept cutting and kept cutting and you still cant tell theres any missing. that's a good thing i guess. at least you cant tell if i gapped it all up.

i just stretched and pulled a muscle in my stomach and thought for a second i was gonna throw up. whew, weird.

also, we're gonna see how well my inhibitions have progessed this weekend. i'm wearing a bikini this weekend people. blind people be thankful, to everyone else: wear shades. generally speaking, i'm a one piece kinda girl. but i guess there's a first time for everything in life, so why not while i still have a body almost worth looking at?

that'll wrap it up for today kids, tune in tomorrow for well, nothing. because i'll be in dallas, the only city in the united states void of computers, or something like that...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

it IS me...

who knew??

let's see. i accidentally got drunk friday night. it sorta snuck on me out of nowhere. turns out(again) that i can't hold much alcohol. surprise!! so, after sleeping that off, i headed to my sister's to take a youngin to go get another youngin to take 'the' youngins to see the hitchhiker's guide. i said i would be ready to go at 3:30. i get there at 3:35 and she steps out of the shower. so, we dont leave till 5. whatever. it's okay. i have ALL the patience in the world. so, we got to the mall just in time to eat and watch the movie which they weren't nearly as impressed with as i expected them to be. weird movie with weird puppet style aliens. i wouldve been crazy impressed by that when i was 8. oh, well. they got to hang out with me for a day, so that was impressive enough for them. it's sad for me to think when those days are over. the days when i'm no longer the young cool aunt. the days when they realize i was never really the cool aunt anyway, just the aunt closest to their age. eh, my 16 year old nephew still hasnt realized that yet, so i still have hope for these two.

sunday was mothers day. yay. we went to the same sister's house to eat lunch. nasty. bleigh. after lunch she and i had a vulgar match of wits and i won shockingly enough. sunday night i had a quaint little date and besides the headache i've had for a little over a week now, it was pleasant all the way around.

God, my life is so boring...


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

a car for a mouse...

i've decided i have a mouse living in my car. i had an old coke cup on the floor on the passengers side with what looked remarkably like mouse poop and also a roll of toilet paper i have between my front seats, which has been there since i had my last cold has been torn to shreds. soooo, i have a new pet. yay.

this weekend i got to see the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, which rocked. it matched the book pretty well and i was satisfied almost all the way around. the guy they had play ford prefect sucked hiney. i definitely think he was a new actor. the rest of the movie was good though. i'm taking two of my neices to see it this weekend. we never get to do things together anymore and this was a little more geared towards kids than i was expecting, so they should enjoy it. i hope, anyways.

Monday, May 02, 2005

i'm rich!! well, almost.

so friday night the boss calls me at work and tells me that his request for me becoming full time has gone through. woo-hoo!! he requested a dollar an hour raise. WOO-HOO! and he's gonna eventually get me topped out. yippee. so, today i'm going in at four. not the greatest hours in the world, but whatever. i'll be makin' money. now i can have all my rotten teeth fixed and i can get new glasses. yay!! not a great deal of a story there, but i'm happy about it anyway.