Sunday, October 19, 2008

a baby seal walks into a club

i finally had my hair dyed today. after all these months of morphing back into a semi-redhead peppered with gray. i bought the cheap stuff from the dollar store which nearly burned the flesh off my skull. i seriously think i may have a chemical burn. thankfully, i survived the ordeal and am now back to the velvet darkness that i'm sure nature originally intended for me to have.

i recently got another cat. a female tuxedo named Hex. she's beautiful. semetrical to the T. she's perfect. and there's really much more you can add to that.

this feels kind of weird. it's the first time i've been alone with the internet in a long time. no one waiting on me so they can use it. no one rushing me out of their bedroom because apparently sitting in your married sister's bedroom is breaking some sort code of ethics. no one waiting on me for anything or standing over my shoulder to censor. funny because the first time this happens in more than a year, i cant think of a thing to say.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

you're as cool as the other side of my pillow to me

good news this week. i recently found out i do NOT have cancer. happy?? i knew you would be. i had my yearly woman ritual about a month ago and my nurse emailed me like crazy until i was finally able to get back in touch with her. as it turns out, i have abnormal cells growing on my cervix. eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. they recommended they be allowed to take a slightly closer look. a slightly closer look entailed tiny scissors to rip off part of my cervix and a tiny landmine looking device attached to a 6 foot long stick shoved up naughty bits to poke a hole through my cervix to get cells from the INSIDE of my uterus. it was EXCRUTIATING. but, whatever the case, my biopsy came back cancer negative. WOO HOO!! the only thing that will change for me will be the fact that my "yearly" will now be my "biyearly" so they can keep track of said cells and pray they dont turn into anything worse.