Saturday, February 24, 2007

No animal nor man can scream like I can

did i ever mention what brad got to do for valentine's day?? alot?? look to your left. fun night. fun night. thanks, babe. grmph.

well, since i've written last, i've had a birthday. WOO HOO. i got to work friday afternoon (the birthday in question) and had a balloon tied to my chair, with a card and a carrot cake sitting on my desk. turns out carrot cake is Not my favorite as i'd previously thought. i guess i was thinking more along the lines of a spice cake. meh. whatever the case, it was thoughtful and i appreciated it. i had the most hellacious night at work i'd had all week. wound up getting out of there late.

i always find it funny that whenever brad plays at a country bar and they have some drunk loser getting up on stage singing the birthday song. what losers. hanging out at a country bar on their birthday.

SO. i made my way over to roper's. yeah. just slap a big L on my forehead and call me jason biggs. so, i proceeded to get piss
drunk despite strong suggestions otherwise. but alas, it was MY birthday, so pptthh. it's MY party and i'll cry if I want to.

after that, roper's attached hotel was all booked up, so we went to an alternative a mile or two down the road. i slept VERY good. we awoke saturay morning to find that there had been a tornado swoop down and bitch slap most of bossier. there was power outages and debris like crazy. CRAZY!!!!! crazy, i tell ya.

anywho. saturday evening, i spent with two of my older sisters and their 5 children. we rented pizzas and ate movies. we ate joan of arc first. little fishy, but edible i suppose. it was Three mother friggin hours long though. jeepers. i personally rented adaptation and the original 1981 british tv version of the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. i'm genuinely surprised that was on IMDB. hm. whodathunkit??

i asked you a question.


then sunday night, brad and i went to see The Number 23. VERY good movie. made me a little ashamed of how badly i am at math. entertaining nonetheless, though. i highly recommend it.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

with the slightest little effort of my ghost like charms

well. i have to leave for work in six minutes. so, this'll be my last rushed update of my 23rd year. this birthday is actually coming with a sense of dread. i haven't done anything this year. i'm sure i've shared my life's plan here before, but i'll do it again for redundancy's sake. last year, i was supposed to finish my basic college for my biology degree so i could this year start going on to get my veterinary degree. i was supposed to be married this year. two years from now, i'm supposed to be having my first child. two years after that, i'm supposed to be having my second. SO. i have avoided books like the plague, anyone who knows me knows i'm not getting married any time soon, AND i take my birth control pills religiously. so, as an alternative i decided if i didnt get married and start another round of college then i would just do something monumentally life changing. like..............................move out on my own and become financially independent. i'm sitting in brad's living room right now surrounded by everything i own that's not being stored at mom's. so much for 23 being the big one.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

did i ever mention my mom was married to val kilmer in the 60's??

or jim morrison...............if you prefer.

that's just my opinion though.

people are strange when you're a stranger

yesterday at work, an average phone call came in from a shipper who was wanting to change her piece and weight count on a bill of lading. she was waiting on some guy to bring her the information. while waiting, she started small talk about men and how you're always waiting on them. blabbity blah, she's had the same man for 36 years so she would know.

"oh, my gosh!!" janey exclaimed. "you've seriously been married for 36 years?? i dont even know what to say back to that."

"not much you can say, except what you did 'oh my gosh'. are you married??"

snicker. "oh, no. nope nope nope."

"how old are you??" "what are you wearing and how big are your breasts??"

okay, wait, stop. sorry. got sidetracked. she did ask how old i was. now, let's continue.


"OH!! i should set you up with my son!! he's 23!! he's a cop. i dont know if you like that kinda guy."

nervously laughing, jane replies "ha, um, okay?? a cop?? that sounds like it would be worrisome for you."

she's used to it, coppage runs in the family and we continue to gib gab and the guy gets there with the information we need and then conversation turns to pallets and poundage. and when we go to get off the phone she goes:

"now, i'm serious about you and son going out. are you interested??"

"well, i'm sort of in a relationship..............."

"well, if that doesnt work out of you, you know where i'm at. you just let me know. I'M SERIOUS."

"okie doke. "


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

thank the heavens

i had a bit of a panic this morning. has anyone else upgraded to the new google operated blogger account??? what a bunch of bullshit. maybe if you know how to do more on a computer than just read it, it may be easy. what about all of us other folks?? hmm?? i was afraid i'd lost my blog forever. see how heartbroken you would've been??? now, aren't you glad i spent the time trying to recover it just for you???

yeah, i thought so.

other than that, i thought i'd experiment with the picture setting on here. as a test, i'd like this person to comment on my blog. come on. you can just kill me later.

aunt janey :)