Friday, February 25, 2005


pandora stirs...

come goblins

here i sit. another year older and a'deeper in shit.

well, yesterday was my birthday. yay!! or well, i guess now its day before yesterday. i'm a whoppin' 22 years of age. twenty two. many many people have asked (as always) does it feel any different. actually, it took me getting through most of the day yesterday to realize, it actually does feel different being 22. i refuse to explain how, but just trust me. i realize i develope new life philosophies (that word doesnt look right to me) every day, most of which are never applied. i just happen to realize that i'm not applying them, get pissy, and well, i guess thats how people get bitter in their old age. this exact thing just happens for years upon years upon years. hm. i'm a damn GENIUS!! and i've been up for more than 24 hrs. yay!! i was gonna say something several sentences back. after just trust me. what was it? i really dont remember. i feel as though life actually is perhaps slipping away after all. yeah, i was bound and determined that this wasnt supposed to happen for another ten years or so. i think maybe i'm supposed to start to see it now, but the realization is actually supposed to take effect for another ten years. maybe thats how this works. ::yawn:: dont copy me, damnit. because i said so.

the purpose of a man is to love
the purpose of a woman
so, come on baby lets start to play
wrap your

love your daddy with all your might
wrap your arms around me, baby, hold me tight.
come on baby lets start to play
come on baby, lets start today
let's play the game of love


THAT ALL SOUNDS DAMNABLE ENOUGH. FUCKIN' COTTON BALLS. OOH, ahem, sorry, lets get out of all caps now, shall we? yesterday, i went out for my birfday. went to applebees. got another spoon for my collections. yeah, i steal spoons. i already have one from that same applebeees, i have one from copelands, maybe? i dont know, they all have notations on them. i'm almost positive i have one from bennigans. i have a baby fork from bobaloo's in florida. its cute. i had a good old fashioned date (uh, minus all the grab-ass) it was cool to finally get to do something on a weekday. i kinda felt normal for a change. i had alot of fun. i really did. it was all openin' doors and holdin' hands and sharin' ice cream (with a stolen spoon, nonetheless, blah haha!). thanks babes, for takin' me out.

i ended with parentheses!! e yes, e yes!!

yep, i'm tired, i'm off lunch, i hope you all learned a valuable lesson, class dismissed.

Monday, February 21, 2005

well, that took long enough...

i amuse myself.

so, whats new in the world of jane. well, i'd say a whole lot of nothing. it's confirmed, i am moving to nights, i think i've already said this before, but i'm real damn happy about it, so you'll probably be hearing it many, many more times to come.

well, what'd you do this weekend?? yes, i'm asking because in actuality i want to tell you what i did. well, saturday was wonderful. had a great day in shreveport. surprisingly good. shopped at the hobbidy lobbidy, finally got that modeling clay i've been droning on about, (you know, the lack of hobby) and as it turns out, i have no talent. who knew? well, i guess i cant really say that since all i've made is a little dead man with a starvation induced wasteline and a sunk in chest. he's cute. and i also finally got a yoga dvd. wah-hoo! i have a feeling one day this week, i'll be sitting under a blanket curled up in the recliner with a microwaved pizza watching this. but hey, i'll be mentally thinner. um, yeah. i finally got rid of that pesky craving for chinese food that i've been having for months now. orange chicken, broccoli, and noodles. and i realized something. chinese food, or at least these foods, have absolutely no after taste what so ever. no burping, none at all. because i know you all like to hear about my burping. then later on that night, i had an out of body experience and had visions of satan in all his radiant glory.
sunday i spent hiding in a room making small clay dead people and watching blaring movies to drown out the sound of drums. grr. but everyone has to make sacrafices when somethings important, i suppose, whatever it is.

i just want to say that i only said 'whatever the case' twice. so, pptthhthhththth, rodney slash suffering mind slash anonymous stranger. yeah, i spelled it out, because i knew you wouldnt read the slashes verbally in your head, the poor little things would just be passed over.

i just ate a soggy french fry. ickity.

my birthday's this week. i'll be 22 and i realize right now i'm supposed to be blonde and in law school and dating a middle aged man. i say this because in movies you always hear that the guys new hot girlfriend is blonde, 22, and going to be a lawyer. the blonde lawyers are ALWAYS 22. always. i find this strange. i've officially thought on that too long. i'm gonna go throw up now. hm, speaking of which, i might just dye my hair blonde this week. ya-haaaah, not really. but i might dye it black again since it got botched-last time!! i also have a high lighting kit that i got for halloween that i never used. i got dark purple and dark blue. hmmm. food for thought. not your thought, stop that. my thought. sheesh.

what? are we back now? pervert. i heard today that laptops cause you to have a low sperm count. i really dont see where this has any relevance to my life at all, so we're gonna move right along.

um, um, um. i've missed updating so much (yeah, just take that and go with it) that i my mind is now a blank. _______________________ wow.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005


its been changed for the children, you understand?

well, lets see. today has been pretty interesting so far. what was SUPPOSED to be a breakfast, turned into a magically fun filled day in rustonia. all friggin' day. thankya, rod. i appreciated the hour i got, anyway.


i've been working 12 hour shifts here lately. the girl at night quit and they recently decided it would be a good idea for me to train her, since she and the other woman at night got into a fight. whatever the case, she called in tonight and quit. last night, our supervisor called in and so i got to dispatch for the first time ever. waa-hoo!! i did pretty good, i think. whatever the case, i ran the whole office last night and didnt exactly have time to walk this person through every step of every program they had to do. soo, she said she saw some things last night that she just couldnt handle and she quit. now, i feel bad for the girl. she tried, you could see that. she got so excited when she saw that two things were related. she couldnt quite match them up, but she saw that they did have something to do with each other. so, now we're gonna see if we can get back on the night shift. that would so rock. i miss working nights so bad. i miss my drivers, i miss my stinky supervisor telling me all night long that i'm his favorite little tick turd, yeah, so, we have a special office. shut up. anywho, i miss being able to see people that i know without them being unconscious. so, now we have a position open for anyone with the basic knowledge of how to read and write and type, preferably, you know, beings that its on a computer. but. it's $10 an hour for a part time job, surely it can't be that hard a position to fill. wow, i sound like an ad. speaking of which, we have free puppies!! email me damnit and take one!!

"The best proof of love is trust." i thought it appropriate...somehow.

back to work...

Monday, February 14, 2005


"One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men -- his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death."

so, happy valentine's day everybody. moving on.

i apologize to all those in desperate anticipation at the approach of my next update. as it turns out, i had a draft saved on the 9th. my sincerest of apologies. settle down, children, settle down. we're solving that right now.

wee, fun.

the basic jist of my draft was that i got lunch from sonic the other day, and it had written on the bag, "breakfast at sonic, your day can't get any better" or something to that effect. this depressed me. if breakfast at sonic is as good as my day's gonna get, i might as well just poison myself tonight and get my worthless life over with. damn. not to say that sonic isnt good, but G. Willikers.

i watched full metal jacket this weekend for the first time in forever. it made more sense now than it did 15 years ago. as it turns out, there's foul language and jokes in the movie. who knew?? i also got to see bedazzled for the first time(yes, i'm slowly catching up to everybody else) and that was WAY better than i imagined for that movie. very, very impressed. maybe to understand that, you have to understand what my expectations were in the first place. they were Not high.

got in a fist fight this weekend, as it turns out, sure enough, guys are stronger than girls. i'll learn one day. covered in bruises. meanie meanie. shame on you, babes. owtch.

class dismissed.

Monday, February 07, 2005


i was in hot topic this weekend when i heard lyrics that were strikingly familiar. "let me see you stipped" which in rammsteins version ends there, but this continued "down to the bone". slightly hurt at first at these people who would steal from rammstein, then i thought, could rammstein have stolen from them?? then, i thought, this song sounds incredibly familiar itself and i may have possibly heard it before. but i couldnt muster the balls to ask the cashier who it was. which is a shame, cause i'd really like to know.

aside from listening to music inside the mall, i also got slightly tipsy in the mall this weeked AND learned that trying to get a 15 year old to drink alcohol is also known as "contributing to the delinquency of a minor". who wouldve thought? which also, apparently, is something you can be arrested for. i didnt do this, of course, i'm just saying, i learned that..............through someone else. oh, and for the record, being drunk in public wasnt nearly as fun as i thought it would be. maybe that was because i wasnt actually "drunk", just "tipsy" but still disappointing none the less.

speaking of illegal-uh-ness?, i also headed my very first movie sneak in saturday night. yeah, it took me 21 years to do this. no, i had no friends in high school, shut up. first movie, alone in the dark, was sadly disappointing, so we just hippity hopped over to our second movie, hide and seek, surprisingly kicked ass. very well put together and was completely not what i thought. so, i was avury avury impressed.

other than that, this weekend pretty much, um, existed. yes, i did have a sunday, sure enough, it was logged in the records of existance in history. and that's about it.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


well, let's see. my boss decided today that it'd be a good idea to hydroplane and smash his truck into a bridge. from what i hear, he succeeded nicely.

okay, restart. it seems that everything i'm typing today just comes out weird or smart assed. so, we'll just have a short one for today.

ciao bella