Wednesday, March 31, 2010

there's a cat ass in my face

no, seriously. i mean, i moved it, but it was totally there.

now she's sitting to the side of the puter watching with great interest at the words forming on the screen. almost like she's reading it. doh, she looked away. guess she figured out i was talking about her....i mean writing about her. anybody else being fascinated by this but me? no?

i had this big ass update written out about my last day of work and my trip out here. my first trip "home". i'll save that for next time. for now, i've been living here for about a week and a half and i'm on my 8th day of work at my new job. it's very, very different than my old office. my old office that i miss so much. so so soooo much. i've realized after being in houston that our shreveport office has virtually no rules. as long as you don't punch anybody or scream inside, you're pretty much guaranteed to keep your job until you decide you don't want it anymore. i mean...please don't scream inside. not really a "requirement" so much as it is an implied "friendly understanding". now granted, the houston office is ALOT bigger than shreveport. alot more people. alot more freight to keep track of. hell, the building's THREE STORIES TALL. (scarlett letter, of mice and men, and to kill a mocking bird) corny? i agree. so, there's been alot of stuff that i know how to do that i've tried to do and was quickly shut down. add a bill to a driver's manifest? FUCK NO!!! we have dispatch clerks for that! but...but i'm in the screen...i'm already here. nope...dispatch. not my job.

ah, my job. my job has changed greatly. i now do what is referred to in the freight business as "os&d" overages, shortages, and damages. so, not a clear shipment. which means they have to lose a piece, break a piece, or not count their pieces and come up with extra pieces before it makes it to my desk. i counted today and i have 12 pages of shipments to go through. this is only things that we've shipped out from our terminal. that's not including the things coming into our terminal. i realize that doesn't mean much to most folks. honestly, 12 pages didn't mean shit to me two weeks ago. but good googly moogly, it does now. it's alot is what it is...a hell of alot.

home life has definitely been something to adjust to. i mean i'm still in love with flowers and butterflies and rainbows and unicorn poop and all that, but when you're alone 90% of the time you're not at work, then you're suddenly accompanied 100% of the time you're not at work. takes some getting used to. guess i've never lived with anyone with my work schedule. hell, even when my nephew lived with me, we worked opposite shifts. i feel like i lost any miniscule degree of mystery that i had two weeks ago. like i'm even less interesting now somehow...if you can imagine such a thing. i dunno. i sit on the couch and i'm all like "HI!!! I LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE NOW!!! SEE ME?? SEE ME LIVING OVER HERE ON THE COUCH??? THAT"S WHAT I DO NOW!!" i'm not complaining by any means. it's certainly not all bad. now i can have sex on a tuesday. A FUCKING TUESDAY!! right in the middle of the week!! even though i still have my trailer (which is for sale, btw) the dark financial cloud i've had looming over me seems to be slowly drifting away. i can start grocery shopping for just one house and not dragging food back and forth.

oh, crap! fries are done!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I decided to follow your blog because a) you are fond of even numbers, and b) the title of this particular entry. I fucking love it!

Thursday, August 19, 2010 10:54:00 AM  
Blogger Jane Q Doe said...

and you, sir, are my new best friend.

congratulations. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:29:00 PM  

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