Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my crack's getting bigger

on my windshield. such a pain in the ass.

i had a guinea pig for a couple years. i went to pet co to look for rats or other small things i could sneak home without my parents noticing. i talked to the girl there and she said they had a guinea pig for free. somebody dropped him off in front of the building and they couldnt sell him since he didnt actually belong to the store. so, i took him home and he moved back and forth with me between my parents house and bradley's periodically, depending on who i was maddest with at the time.

i gave him to my 8 year old neice about 3 weeks ago or so. she went crazy over him. she has tons of guinea pig books, treats, and well, in general, take a WHOLE lot better care of him than i ever did.

i went to my sisters yesterday to watch my neice and nephew while she went to tan and she asked me to take a look at him because one of his teeth had fallen out. so, i went and picked him up. he didnt wiggle or anything. i turned him over on his back. he still didnt wiggle or try to correct himself. so, i looked him over a long time and he just wasnt moving hardly on his own. he couldnt lift his head and his ears and feet were cold. i called 2 different vets offices, one guy said he might be really old, he wasnt sure(in regards to the tooth falling out) and i needed to take him in. so, i said if he was still like that tomorrow i'd take him. so, she called me about an hour later and said they'd just gotten through having a funeral. so, my basil, died at the ripe old age of "at least older than 3".

Monday, July 25, 2005

for heavens sake

i dont know if anyone else has had trouble updating, but i've updated at least 10 times and its failed every time. sooo, here we go again. my life condensed since july 5th:

i got the worst sunburn of my LIFE, which i think i already wrote about. i looked like a burn victim in icu for about 3 weeks before my shoulders started to resemble a normal person's. i do have a nice crappy tan now though. i realize now i dont just dislike tans because 'everybody does it' i like being white, because i really just like being white. my brown shoulders and upper arms make me feel dirty. it looks like it has sand on it. yickity. thats just gross. i miss being able to see through my skin.

we never got around to going to houston, tx. we still have 4 bundles of energy bouncing around the house if anyone wants one.

speaking of bundles of energy around the house, we got a kitten. i know, i know. i complain about having too many animals then i go get a cat? well, he's inside and will not be hit by any cars. namely, mine. he's a cute little ball of evil named mork, solid gray. cute, cute, cute.

bad-->i had a tire on my car seperate and send me shooting across the interstate last week.
good-->almost all of the ungodly shaking of my car has ceased, except the slight vibration of the motor due to my sixth cylinder not firing properly.

and speaking of my shitty car, today i passed a log truck and a teeny tiny pebble hit my windshield. i heard the ping and then 2 minutes later, it made a split about a foot across and is steadily getting bigger.

and since i'm really not expecting this to work properly, thats all i'm gonna do for now.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


that is, if you're into that sort of thing...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

dead girl picnicking...

i had a great 4th of july weekend. my sister from florida came and stayed. i didnt really get to talk to her any because being the sweetest person in the world as she is, she was constantly swamped and busy the whole weekend and the one time we got sisterly alone time with another sister, it shifted to everybodys marriages and relationships and my current relationship's ex-wife. so, i left and didnt come back till tuesday.

BUT while i was gone, brad got his car saturday and we went riding saturday night. the car looks MUCH better in person than it does in pictures. so we rode around saturday night and had to show off in the big town of saline. we rode around sunday and well, did what sunday drivers do: we drove. we scoped out a place at caney lake and thats where we headed monday. i felt like a vampire outside for the first time. i got an ungodly sunburn. well, ungodly for me, after all, i do look like a sheet. i realized i havent had a real sunburn in a good probably ten years or more. OUCH. we were in the water a good 4 hours or so. a guy at work just came up to me a minute ago and grabs my shoulders and starts rubbing them. you can only scream stop so politely. we spent all afternoon doing the cookout, eat till your ready to puke, play at the beach all afternoon kinda thing. but after caney lake, we went home, had a little more to eat, then headed back up to saline. we stood around and listened to la9 play. it made me nostalgic for some pathetic reason. so, i shook that off and decided what i needed was MORE FOOD. now i know most people eat 3 times a day, but i'm doing good if i eat once. i was sooooo sick by the end of last night. anywho, we stayed in saline and watched the band play. they had fireworks afterwards, which i thought was very impressive. i spoke to a middle aged couple that i havent spoken to in a long time. well, almost a year, i suppose. they were kinda second parents to me a for a couple years. you know, those kind of parents that dont give a damn what you do, but still act fond of you anyway.

so, my world comes crumbling back down today. no one reason in particular, but all good things must come to an end. everything has gone wrong today, but i didnt get on here to whine, i'll save that for another day. oh, i hit another dog today. the decision has once again been made to rid ourselves of animals. sooooo, i am once again, going to try to do the right thing, and we're gonna try to go to houston next weekend. i'm anxious to see how that turns out, but it may be good. you never know. anybody know anything good to do in houston?? i've never been there. yes, i am sheltered.

Friday, July 01, 2005


now i dont know how to make the cool little link thing but you MUST go here...


will probably come with my first child. sorry, crazy b.

nothing much has happened lately. arent you shocked?? i finally blew off that guy i met at the bar last weekend. (some folks would call me a whore, but they just dont understand.) i text messaged him that i had had a shitty day yesterday and a fight with my b/f bleddy bleddy bleh and i dont think i'll be able to call you anymore. he replied back "what ever". not sure if he meant to make that two words on purpose, but then again, he did have a black accent. or....african american female verbal tendancies.

i feel like i should say something about the upcoming weekend with it being independence day and all. but well, i'm not.

oh, wait. i get off work. AND I GET PAID!!!