Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In 24 days, I'll Be 24 Years Old

Scary thought. Yeeighk.

Two weeks ago, Stephanie and I went out. We went shopping and spent too much money. We also went to skinworks tattoo in bossier and got her tongue pierced. She begged me to get my belly button pierced because it’s something I had talked a lot about before. But once we got there, I just couldn’t go through with it. I kinda like the way my stomach looks. All virginal and what not. Same reason I can’t seem to talk myself into getting a tattoo. What an old lady I’ve become. Anyway, her piercing went smoothly. It was funny when she asked the guy for the stuff to deaden her tongue and he laughed and said "we don’t do that here. Now, stick out your tongue." You’d’ve thought he told her her mom had cancer. so, for the next two weeks, she talked like a retarted kid and I was amused. We went back this past Saturday night and got her long bar replaced with a shorter one. Also, her tongue had turned green and milky white. When asking the girl at the tattoo parlor about it, she said when you have a tongue piercing and smoke the nicotine stains your tongue. I didn’t know that. That looked nasty as shit, though. Hopefully, for her sake that'll clear up after a while. Ickity.

Sunday night, bradford and I went to see
pan's labrynth. Awesome, awesome movie. It had a lot more gore than I expected. Not very many scenes, but the ones that had gore HAD gore. I also kind of wish I wouldve known ahead of time that the movie was entirely in spanish. Of course, if I had, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it and wouldve greatly missed out. It was subtitled, however, which was a little distracting, but it was still very worthwhile.

Work is still kinda crappy this week. People amaze me sometimes. People get in trouble for things they should get in trouble for, but then it's someone else's fault. Bitches is hoes…bitches IS hoes.

I got flipped off in traffic for the first time today. Wee hoo!! I was merging onto the bypass as another truck was getting onto the same bypass. He had the right of way, so I let him pass. I noticed he was screaming (inside his sound proof truck from 15 feet away) and waving his hands and then jerked his mighty truckage in front of my tiny car nearly hitting it. so, as I passed him 100 feet ahead he flipped me off. I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong, so I smiled and waved. I hope his mullet and handle bar moustache can recover from the ordeal. I really do.

Poor little

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

what i really do at home...

good morning!!!

i havent been up very long. i'm playing on the internet, checking mail and what not, with animal planet giving me noise in the background. animal cops houston as a matter of fact. i've decided to get another cat whenever i move out. an older, adult, dark colored female. so, i periodically search the internet, usually www.petfinder.com and browse cute pet pictures. i have no intention of adopting from out of state, but i think its neat to read about shelters elsewhere. i also like it when people give their rescues quirky, imaginative names. i personally believe you're more likely to grab a persons attention with a tiny dog with giant ears name goblin or yoda than fluffy or bobby. or a dark mysterious cat named merlin or ezmarelda rather than sweetie pie or blackie. so, i can appreicate weird pet names. i think it helps in the adoption process. this morning i came across cookie, a chocolate lab rescued pregnant from the desert in el paso. just a normal dog. her pup's are labled as a group as cookie's crumbs. pretty damn cute. at the same shelter, we have nala a bichon frise rescued from euthanasia at a local animal control also heavily pregnant. her pup's were labled also as a group as nala's pride. not quite as creative as the cookie crumbs. but, meh. sydney is not that great of a name, but this is an adorable kitten.

i guess i've wasted enough time this morning looking for kitties and pups. i'm gonna go find something educational to watch on tv till i have to shower.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


gotta get me one of those for work. but in the words of dooce "be ye not stupid" and try to not discuss work matters on your personal blogsite. it can only lead to trouble. so, i'll not. just suffice it to say, work has been kinda shitty this week. that's all.

other than that, my life's been kinda boring. my apartment search has kinda gone on hiatus. i think i may have redecided to just wait until i get my income tax return money in and just move into the apartments i'd looked into a while back. it's alot of money for a small place. but at least i'll feel safe. not overly safe, but moderately safe. and thats good enough for me. for now.

my nephew called me the other day out of the blue. the 18 year old one who's a senior in high school and wants to move to shreveport when he graduates. this has no bearing on anything right now, BUT it's nice to get to talk to him again. i prolly relate to him more than most of the people in my family. it's just nice to find a kindred spirit occassionally. even if he is a couple years younger....and smelly.

just kiddin' VIKTOR!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

friendly little people eater

Guess what I did today……I finally went to the dentist. After a little over two years of recurring migraines from one tooth in particular, I finally got it fixed. I drank a coke from mcdonalds…and I didn’t get nausious from the sugar in my cavity!! This may not seem like much to you, but my poor little mouth is riddled with cavities and rot. Bleigh. I finally got the most painful one done. It was like a little sigh of relief for the back of my right eyeball. That’s usually where it gets me the worst. After eating lunch, I almost just went buck wild and chewed a piece of bubble gum. Almost. But then I decided I might wanna wait for that rodeo until I have another visit or two to the dentist. And on top of everything else, my dentist was cute. It was nice to see his pretty eyes above that mask…even if it was for a brief moment, in between clinching my eyelids in panic and gasping desperately for unfingered air. It was still appreciated.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


the new year has barely begun and i've already come down with a massive nasty cold. i've spent all morning in bed snotting and only getting up to retrieve more drugs.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

my favorite song...today

I sense there's something in the wind
That seems like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have

The worst is just around the bend
And does he notice
My feelings for him?

And will he see
How much he means to me?
I think it's not to be

What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us than?

Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their in enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may it doesn't last

And will we ever
End up together?
No I think not
It's never to become
For I am not the one

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


After a month of not blogging. Here I am, back to give you another months dose. Woohoo!!

In the past month, I have:

Gone partying with friends with no regard to whom else it will affect except for my
alcohol intake fairies (thankfully, they stopped me before I regurgitated all the precious, precious vodka I had consumed)
Been called perfection in every way followed by a marriage proposal (to which I regretfully declined)
Gone willingly to our company Christmas party (where I won a $25 wal*mart gift card) and did not die
Had another first date
Found that finding an affordable house in the city isn’t NEARLY as easy as I was expecting it to be (I’ll be off to look at another house/trailer either tomorrow or the day after)
Got a small tattoo of a
black widow spider right beside my loins on the right hand side. (take a look at how tan my loins are...)
Learned that no one will pay sole attention to you until you until you stop paying sole attention to them.
Learned how to put pictures on myspace (
janeqdoe42@yahoo.com, find me and become my friend, damnit)
Got an iPod!! (and have since become obsessed with the little beast)
Have discovered that perhaps, I do indeed like Fiona apple (who knew??)
Got to see Rodney. (hey,
Finally got off my uncaring ass and made another trip to the
Ouachita parish animal shelter and brought donations like the good little hippie animal lover that I would like to think that I am. (found veronica which I have dubbed geisha because of her mysterious background…and her apparent ability to keep secrets)

other than that, i've had a really boring month. i'll try updating again soon.