Friday, January 02, 2009

fortunately, i'm not fucking you 'cause you're witty

and thank jeebus for that. because if THAT's what i was waiting on, my junk'd be growing cobwebs. sticky cobwebs. spidery cobwebs...BOO!!

happy new year, e'erbody. i recently discovered i haven't updated this here site since el Octubre. that'd be my bad. i've recently had my home computer tinkered with and it will, in fact, turn on now. yay. 'course now i've also lost all the cords that go to it. sooooo, once i find those, perhaps i'll get the internet hooked up.

perhaps not but here's to hoping.

for halloween this past year, stephanie and i took our first road trip together. yay for road trips. we drove down to baton rouge to see my nephew, the Victor. we dressed up as dead folks and went out drinking and wow did we drink. spent most of the following day on his mom's bathroom floor puking raisin' canes sauce. bleigh. we met up with a few of his friends, alex and tabby. alex could be vurry, vurry tasty...........................if he gained about 200 pounds. scrawny little fart. like my opinion really matters, beCause he and the tabster have decided to get married before alex turns 20. good luck to them and i'm interested to see how that turns out. hey. maybe if it doesn't, i can finally take my turn. mm hmm.


for thanksgiving, not much happened. as a matter of fact, i dont remember it at all. moving on then, i guess.

for christmas, i lost 10 pounds and started getting some of that good ole self esteem back. i looked fucking hot naked for 4 or 5 days. then, i popped a herpilierpiles outbreak on my kisser, started eating again, since i couldn't do anything with my mouth, and proceeded to gain all of my weight back again. meh. who needs stinky ole self esteem anyway?? not me....not me.

still have the damn thing as a matter of fact.

for new years, stephanie and a couple friends of mine came over and we drank until the ball dropped. well, they drank till the ball dropped. i drank for about 20 minutes till someone threw me over their shoulder and bench pressed my oh so delicate stomach. barf. so, i basically just hung out and watched people grab boobies, trip over kitty litter boxes, and piss on things. a fun, fun new years indeed.