Friday, April 29, 2005

catch 22?

i'm not entirely positive what a catch 22 is, but here's what i figure is a mild version of one. i got to talk to our new terminal manager for a while this morning. he's putting in my request for going full time. woo-hoo. he asked me about where i wanted to be. in all honesty, i'm not that great at the night shift. numbers are not my thing, remembering 50 four digit numbers a night is quite difficult to me. 2436 is hooking with 2792 and 2634 is hooking with 2692 and so on and so forth. not really my cup of tea. the billing in the evenings i am awesome at. i can admit that. i rock ass remembering peoples names and addresses and phone numbers and classes and blind shipper codes and what not and so forth. i'm extremely fast and have a clear understanding of that whole shift. i LOVE working nights. i love it. it is the only place i could imagine myself wanting to be, working at night. except for maybe working days at a vet clinic or shelters, but thats not happening any time soon. i HATE working evenings. i loathe it with a passion. your entire day is wasted or it seems that way to me. so, here's the deal. he's taking me off nights to put me on full time working evenings. well, poo.

other than that not alots happened. my sister woke me up after like 3 wonderful hours of sleep, so now i'm back off to bed. i'm gonna end up dying from lack of sleep.

oh, one last thing to top this off, i once again have plans this weekend and my mom is all disappointed that i'm not going out to eat with everybody tomorrow night. again, who's the bad daughter?? right over here...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

quick! hide the vibrator!

i am so tired. i just got woken up by an old friend i havent seen in like 3 years. she now has two kids and another on the way. she was a little hellion a while back and now she's suzie homemaker. or something like that. shockingly enough, the realization hit me again today that my life isnt really that interesting. well, unless i go into personal stuff, but who does that with old friends?? i mean, seriously? the closest we got was just discussing our vaginas. it was wee fun.

i got rid of another pup yesterday. marvin, my big baby. oooh, i cried. owie. so, i call dude up and tell him the deal with me not being able to keep the dog. he says he understands. i ask him to take the dog for me to the houston spca, sure thing. so, last night after he left, i went to the front office to talk to one of our dispatchers there who told me what he would do if it were him was drop the dog off half way home, becuase in my mind i would always know that he went to the spca and the guy did a good deed without actually having to do it. this had already occurred to me, but hearing somebody else say it didnt make it any better. so, i called dude on the way home this morning and discussed my new paranoid issue with him and asked him to bring back some donation pamphlets with him for starters because i'm interested because i put another burdon on these people and dude wouldnt take any money, and secondly for proof of the drop off. wow, was that the wrong thing to say.

"well, my word should be enough. i'm not like all the other pieces of shit people you hang around with back in saline." (excuse me??) "and if you dont trust me, you shouldnt have gave me the dog in the first place."

"are you mad??"

"a little insulted and offended."


and he then proceeded to letting me go.

so, now i'm thinking he "had" every intention of going to the spca in the first place, but will now drop the dog out of spite for my......lack of politeness? i dont know. great. another conversation that i fucked up because i dont know how to communicate, i guess. i wasnt trying to be insulting or offensive. what does his 'word' mean to me? i dont know this guy from a hold in the ground, except for, you know, his ability to speak. and i've never heard a hole say anything. nothing coherant anyways.

moving on...

our terminal manager quit a few days ago after only being there for like 3 months. so, our sales guy is our new terminal manager and we got to hang out and talk for a while this morning. he said he was gonna try everything he could to get me full time. i'll see that when i believe it. he told me that the lady who was hired to help me out when i was billing is gonna quit next friday. that broke my little pea pickin' heart. shes one of the few people i can think of that i really genuinely enjoy their company. course she had already warned me about this a few weeks ago. she took this as a little part time job for a little extra cash for 3 hours a day(because she already has a full time day job) and with the way things are going now she's working until like 11 every night. which, i mean, i understand completely and i dont blame her at all, but damn. i really like her alot. i dont want her to quit. though, like i said, i understand her position and if i were working with.......some of the same people she is i dont know if i'd stick around either, especially if i already had another job. i'm thinking maybe i should go back on the evening shift, maybe she'd stay, and maybe i wont have to work with the dick anus i do now. man, wouldnt that rock. holy shit that would rock. i dont know, nights arent nearly as great as i remember them. i took that job because of principal. i could have all day to do what i want, which is cool, granted. but also so i could spend time in the afternoons with the people i love. well, turns out, i dont hang around anybody anyway. i shouldve taken that evening job in lafayette. nah, just kiddin'. i am smart enough to realize i am waaaaaaay to naive and immature to move way off like that with no one around.

its been long enough now and i've decided that i'm ready to end the blood letting. now that i'm over that whole first day of "yay, i'm on my period with this wonderful burst of energy and sense of inner peace and purpose" and now i'm all "is my fuckin' uterus ever gonna shut her damn mouth????" yeah, because i know you all care so much. i love you too.

ooh, and to cap this wonderful week off, i have a fever blister. it's a little undecided on whether or not it wants to come out, but its definitely there. just hangin' out. chillin'. yay for herpes!!

that's all folks...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

blood belching vagina

woo-hoo! yay for me and my uterus!

let's see. saturday was uneventful. or at least, i dont remember it being eventful. sunday was great as i recall. i got to have an official date, which rocked as always. and i got to fall peacefully asleep, which is also always a plus. monday went great until sick. i called in to work. i spent the night with michelle and let my guinea pig poop all over her bed. it was fun. and yet again, fell asleep. i slept about two hours or so and got up to drive around. called a guy and arranged to have my other big pup picked up and taken to the houston spca. i have more faith in them than the bossier city animal shelter. and this wont cost me anything. yay.

the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is coming out this weekend. oh my gosh, i want to see that movie soooo bad. i'm very afraid, because the book rocked and hopefully the movie will too, but i have my doubts. its only rated pg. which i usually am all for, but the book is at least a pg-13. sheesh.

"A buddhist on the subway tells me that what you want is rarely if ever what you need."

Friday, April 22, 2005

uncomfortably numb

long time no see, ay?

let's see. not alots happened recently. got a call back from the docta lady the other day. it was all urgent sounding and importantlike. so, i held back my vomit as i called them back waiting to see what weird new strain of what disease i had. turns out, they didnt go deep enough and wanna do it again. yeah, she wants my kitty. i knew it.

i got two new voltaire cds. woo-hoo! strange, but impressive.

.............................................that's about all.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

home alone

well, i havent dont this in a while, so why not?

both of my parents birthdays are this month. dads is today and moms is on the 23rd. i got a carefully laid out guilt trip about the only set of parents i'm ever gonna have and how my other two sisters want to take them out to eat and i should go. i eventually agreed and now i wake up, 5 o'clock and all by myself. i call sister #1 and ask when this is all supposed to happen. "like, right now." oh, good. i'm still in my jammies with my hair in knots and my face all swollen and red (as it always is when i wake up, i didnt get stung by a bee or anything). "well, we tried calling your cell phone (which everyone knows doesnt work here) and your house phone "(which i got disconnected months ago.) sooooooooo, now whos the bad daughter? once again, its me. tsk tsk tsk, for shame.

i also went the the gynocologist for the first time this week. wow, was that a treat. the older i get the more i understand why most women bitch about being women. ::shudder:: that was nooooo fun at all. course i got in trouble the whole time because i couldnt relax for long enough. i did find out though that too much caffeine in your diet can cause you to have knots and lumps in your breasts. and all this time i've been thinking i had cancer.

monday i had one of our dogs put to sleep. not a whole lot of story there, just that. he'd either live in misery with whatever disease he had at the house, or dumped off somewhere else, which wasnt going to happen. or he could be eaten alive by the bigger healthier dog who wasnt very fond of him being around. so, one less mouth to feed and he's no longer suffering. so, i suppose it all works out for the best.

i was offered a job in lafayette the other day. i think we all know i work for a trucking company. anyway, our lafayette driver came in and asked me if i'd be interested in going because the woman who works their office in the evening is leaving at the end of the month and his terminal manager would love to have me if i'd be willing but i had to call by the next morning because he was going out of town. wow, huge opportunity. get away from everyone and everything i know, get to move out, get to start all over, this time as an adult and start doing things on my own. but as it turns out, i'm a puss. i have tons of family down there that i know would let me move in with them, but i just cant bring myself to do it. it would be an immediate full time position as soon as their hire after the 8 weeks it takes. i'm almost positive i'll be kicking myself in the ass in just a few months over this.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thats pretty much it.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

dead popes aren't much fun either...

good lord am i tired of hearing about that. damn.

well. i got rid of my puppadoos the other day. i *think* i already told the story of the pup with the maggot infestation. so, if not, i'll tell it later. so, yeah, i got the pups all bathed up and off to the police department we went. hung out with rodney, animal control guy, satan, and a few others. one little pup who was extremely active and loud and playful and all that stuff pups should be i picked up and fed and played with for a long time till the animal control guy decided to leave. she was chewing on her food and crawling all over me and made her way up to my shoulder where she sat. my neck suddenly got warm. "damnit, you peed on me." nope, i pulled her down and she sprayed orangish-brownish liquid poo ALL over my shirt and pants. i search the room for help and all i see is rodney gasping for breath from laughing/gagging. thanks, man, i appreciate it. anywho, the pups are gone now. that's a crappy feeling, but at least now they wont have to starve to death one by one.

ooh, me and my boss got in a tift yesterday morning. there really isnt much of a story here. there was this morning because i was pissed like crazy, but as it turns out once again my balls shrivelled back up into my abdomen and i wiped his ass again as far as his paperwork is concerned. i did all his supervisor crap for him. i guess this can go into my pile with manifesting and closing his trailers and writing all his emails for him. hooray for takin' it up the ass.

friday night:
i got cut off. basically i have nothing today. umm, well, besides the fact that i have whiplash from someone trying to stuff my head in a toilet unexpectedly. thanks, bradley. my neck still hurts.

'das all.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

horse piss

it's official, i hate my supervisor...again. this happens from time to time. apparently, working right under him makes this happen more often. i dont like to be treated like i'm stupid or slow. lord knows i am a LOT of the time, but i can't stand to be talked to like that by someone who is way slower and far less intelligent than i am. gr.

Monday, April 04, 2005

dead puppies aren't much fun...

well, here i am (at home) about to leave for work. i just got through bathing 3 pups and disposing of one. one is still missing. there's a little while something in the middle of um, under the house. ah, there's a little white something beneath the middle of the house. there, thats better. so, i havent visited the pups in quite a while and apparently no one else around here has either. so, maybe i'll stay home for a while this time. the first puppy i bathed was layed over in a little heap with flies all over her and those big green shiney bugs all along one side. i thought she was dead till i started shooing away the flies and she started moaning. so, i bathed her and noticed she's got some weird infestation all along one side. larva of some sort?? hundreds of what looks like miniature pieces of rice. it's awful. but i think i got it all off. i found the second nearest death one i could get and bathed her up (and apparently, we have all girls). she actually wiggled around a whole lot more and barked and yelped and fussed while i bathed her. the third little girl jumped around and barked at the water and whined and was being an all around pain in the hiney. i've decided to hold off on doing anything else until tomorrow. gus, the daddy, obviously doesnt know how to use his balls responsibly so i'm gonna have those confiscated first thing tomorrow morning and i'll take the other puppies with me and either see if i can leave them there or see if there's an animal shelter in jonesboro. rodney?? because i think the mama dog is officially gone. so, yeah, no more askin' if anybody wants a puppy. for a while anyways. ooh, maybe if there's an animal shelter in jonesboro i can get rid of that hound dog too. hmm. my other hound dog keeps attacking him and i think he has mange. poor dog.