Sunday, February 01, 2009

she's actual size, but she seems much bigger to me

squares may look distant in her rear view mirror. they may, but who the hell knows?? i'll never be riding with her.

as always, once i actually sit down, i have nothing of substance to say. not that i really have stuff all that substantial when i'm say, riding in my car, or shaving.


income tax season is upon us again. hah. income tax season. makes me wanna grab my 30 ought 6 and head out to shoot me some taxes. yeehaw!! is that a big gun?? i don't know. i'm not much of a hunter. anyway, as always, she's just in the nick of time for something major in my life to fuck up. perhaps the head gasket on my car that's teeter tottering on the verge of exploding. perhaps that broken tooth with the exposed nerve will open back up and reveal itself to the world and force me to get that root canal i've been avoiding since last tax season. maybe my house will catch on fire while i'm out of town...........oh, god. MY CATS!!! one of them are bound to get run over and break a shoulder blade now that i've said that. shit................................but at least, this tax season (heh) i found out that all those months of my precious, precious nefrew living with me last year are finally going to pay off and i'm able to claim head of household, which will be bringing me back a heck of a lot more money than normal. allowing of course, for TWO major things to fuck up in my life this year. see how this works?? everything balances out.

the other day at work, mike (le managier) told us we have some folks from our home office coming tomorrow, which means YAY!! we get to dress up. dry hair and make up, the works!! it's not really that big of a deal to do it. it's not exactly hard or (for me) that time consuming, but i find it a bit degrading that just because i own ovaries and an outlet, i'm required to paint myself in the presence of my financial superiors. does the fact that i do or do not have goop on my eyelashes and colored wax smeared on my lips seriously affect the efficiency of our driving cost and general revenue?? i don't exactly come into direct contact with our customers and my phone voice is always pleasant. why is that not enough?? does our average driver hop in and out of his trailer all day thinking to himself "man, if jane'd only worn a little more rouge this morning, this wrought iron steel tubing wouldn't seem nearly as heavy." for the record, i don't even own rouge. i think it's fairly evident that i look like a burn victim a good portion of the time withOUT the help of sprinkling red dust on my cheeks.

and since we're on the subject, i'm about to go and paint myself for a boy so we can go to a body exibit at the museum. it BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!! SO DO YOU!!! just kidding, you don't really belong in a museum. silly. you belong in a library.