Tuesday, November 22, 2005

'ever heard the expression death eating shit on a cracker?' 'yes' 'well, there it just went.'

fuck you, bitch. i hope both you and your illegitimate baby die. right, and this is going to offend you so much because i'm pretending you're ever gonna read this. i'm pretending anyone's ever gonna read this. moving on...


after having said that. i wrecked my brand new car last week. my FIRST car note is due this week. i hit a deer and crushed in the front passenger side of my car. luckily, my insurance will cover all of it. yay!! the body shop guys came and picked up my car on friday morning. the same day, i sold my old taurus. that poor raggity piece of shit that i've been driving for the past two years. i sold it for $600, which my father was appalled by. but i've beat the crap out of this poor car, and it's honestly not worth anything more than that. i wouldnt pay $600 for it, knowing what was wrong with it. anyway, i should be getting my new car back in a week to ten days. it's been kinda nice not having to pay for gas for the past week.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Clitoral Migration

and another two weeks have passed. i'm actually beginning to suck even harder at this.

last week i heard from an old "flame". he was a truck driver i used to go out with on occassion about two years ago. now, when i say truck driver, i dont mean, 40's, bald, and pot belly. i mean, 20's, receding hair line, and pot belly. i had forgotten what a redneck this guy was. right, i know, like i'm a "high class broad". there's actually a semi interesting story behind this guy, which i'm not going to tell. please refer to the title of this entry. :::: shudder ::::

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


...but thats what i get.

happy all saint's day everybody. how did your halloween go?? please, dont answer, i hate to even begin to expect with such a disappointment looming overhead. mine was okay. no dressing up, though. that kinda sucked ass. i tried on my dress saturday night all by myself though. i'd've fucked me, anyway and that's what counts. last night after getting home from work, brad and i exchanged halloween gifts. stuffed animals and clothes gallore!! i was pleasantly surprised. thanks, punkin.

i kept thinking all morning yesterday that it just didnt seem at all like halloween, you know that feeling you used to get. i dont want to describe it, its corny and whole hearted and if you were ever a child, hopefully you know what i'm talking about. ..... so, i was about a mile away from work yesterday evening when the sky started getting darker and darker and darker, wind started whipping my little new car in all directions, mostly straight, but the trees and billboards were definitely being beaten in all directions. rain started beating down all of a sudden where i couldnt even see. everybody slowed down and we were eeking at around 30-40 miles per hour. it was so weird. so i got to work and our lights were out. well, half of them were. the front office was dark, the dispatch office had lights. the break room was dark, which has the refrigerator, but the candy machine worked. the front of the dock was dark, but the back had lights, i'm assuming you get the picture. so, once they came back on, i tried to log on and the computers were down. after an extensive effort of trying to get in touch with another terminal, turns out a major cable in home office had accidentally been cut and all of our terminals were without computers. great. so, after 6 1/2 hours of doing jack shit, i snuck out. i got no work done, but i finally had that wonderful bad luck halloween mood again. last night couldnt have gone better work wise. unless i had snuck out before the ogre got there at 9 and decided i needed to help out making some copies of bills that didnt get put in the system for his shift. hiney biter.

i want some of this. clove, gingerbread, or autumn spice. i'm easy.

last on my list of thoughts for today. the humane society of northwest louisiana has finally released their pictures for the kits and pups they have for adoption. some are from the whole hurricane katrina myth and some were just rescued locally(shreveport area). if you knew how many emails i had to go through with this woman just to be able to see new pictures of dogs and cats you would appreciate this. they're having a big to do saturday at petco on youree drive in shreveport. seems like fun. i want a kitty.

if nothing else, you should at least look because they have one dog on there that looks IDENTICAL to chewbacca. shih tzu, not my type of dog, but he's still cute.