Monday, October 30, 2006

i think you look so pretty

happy halloween everybody!!

got any plans for the spooky holiday?? good, me neither. but if i did, it'd go something like this:
a monster wreath?? icky foods?? candles?? puppy balls?? i like to consider myself a diverse person.

saturday night we went to a haunted corn maize in shreveport. it was awesome. 1 short maze. 1 medium maze. 1 haunted maze and 1 haunted hay ride w/complementary trail. i was fine through the whole thing until we got to the last part of the haunted trail. we were the last in the group and as we were leaving out and everything was safe, the chainsaw murderer came running out of the bushes screaming. so, after peeing on brad and busting his ear drum, we made our way back to the cotton trailer and on to posadas. eww.

sunday night we got dressed up: me as the drop dead sexy witch of the east and brad as the undead gangster in a blue pinstripe suit: and went out on a date. we made a pit stop at wal*mart and got alot of weird looks. that's always fun. when we were checking out, this lady kept looking at me and i finally overheard her husband say "well, why don't you just go tell her?" so, as i anxiously awaited the you're going to burn in hell because you're a devil worshipper, how dare you wear such attire, she slowly walked up to me and said "i think you look so pretty". so, i said "thank you." dumbfounded. i am so friggin' dressing up more often. yeeeah.

after that, we went and saw The Prestige which is probably one of the best written movies i've ever seen. it was AWESOME and you should WATCH IT!!!

after that, the sides of my oh so beautiful corset dress exploded and we had to return home.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cute Pups

i dont have the time nor the energy to do a regular update, but i was surfing petfinder as i often do and came across Mickey and Minnie and they were too cute to pass the pictures up.

Enjoy. :)