Monday, May 07, 2007


glass slipper

no one's asking to go dancing its not like that anymore
its romantic if they mean it when they shut your fingers in the door
its a gory sort of story thats been told a hundred times before
it gets tricky dont be picky if the slipper fits you wear it whore

how many tips can i take home tonight without them getting mad
how many stitches do you think it takes to fix a cut that bad

how many minutes until midnight and you get your eyesight back
not to knock it i've been off it never moving very much at once

its been awkward i still offer it when its that time of
other girls shower but i give out flowers
to curious strangers who throw dollars at my feet

how many crimes can i try spotting dry before it leaves a stain
how many times say that i love you til it doesnt mean a thing
how many fittings must i sit through with my big feet blistering
how many strips until it hits me and my big mouth strikes again

i'm not asking to go dancing i'm not that dumb anymore
its exhausting to keep smiling when your toes are bleeding through the floor
its a gory sort of story thats been told a million times before
don't be sorry just ignore me because honestly
i'm too sore from fitting exactly to ride into setting suns aching to
stand on my own two feet

how many wishes do i still have left to fix the way it ends
how many princes will it take to put a girl like this back together again
how many instances can you point out where i was less than kind
how many happy endings do you need to change your fucking mind
and how much time do we have left before it's midnight and
you see that i was never the right size?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

i live my life without a care; i dont have time to be politically aware

4 days till the big trip. i'm having good and bad anticipations about it. i'm planning on trying to be the good kid and help pay for most of the gas and food(if we stop) which isnt gonna do my bank account much good. my dad is older and with age comes a certain allowance for overly crotchetiness. course, in reality, that's never stopped him before. so, the majority of the trip will be arguing about how eXtremely hot/cold the car is and too fast/slow the other person is driving and how too quiet i'm being back there. what's wrong?? you upset?? why not?? if you're not upset there's no reason to be that quiet. you dont wanna talk to us?? and so on and so forth.

on the other hand, the only times i ever get to see my parents is once every two months or longer sometimes, which is entirely my fault, and daddy's always propped in his recliner and my mom is swarmed by two of my older much more interesting and talkative sisters. it's hard to get a word in edgewise around that house.

so, i'm just trying to look at this as an opportunity to spend some quality time with my parents while i still have the opportunity. maybe i can actually have a real conversation with my dad. the last time we spoke we actually talked for a while about my car and all the trouble i had out of it. since i rarely even hear him speak at all, it was.........comforting? to hear him go off on a ramble. i say ramble. i told you i got robbed the night my car broke down, right?? i think i did. anyway, he gave me a talk about how being a young small girl never to trust strangers like that. uh, especially at 1 o'clock in the morning at dark gas stations. dumb ass. eh. my point is: it was just oddly comforting to hear my dad just talk nonstop like that for longer than two minutes. it happens so rarely these days. at least around me. every time i go to their house there's five screamin hooligans chasing each other violently inside and out and the most i ever hear out of him is "DONT SLAM THAT DOOR!!!" "YOU DIDNT HEAR ME SAY DONT SLAM THAT DOOR?!?!?" and thats about the extent of it. SO, as long as nobody asks me about politics i really dont see what could go that wrong.

save a freak accident, of course.

wish me luck!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

i'm late, i'm late for a very important date. no time to say hello, goodbye. i'm late, i'm late, i'm late

not much going on in the void these days. work has gone heywire recently. impropriety and what not. i'm just hoping thats gonna blow over soon.

i found out last week that my nephew, victor, is graduating next wednesday night. that's right, WEDNESDAY. who the hell graduates on a wednesday?? i mean, seriously?? that's just crazy talk. i thought about driving myself down there next weekend, but i REALLY dont wanna drive through interstate down town baton rouge. so, after much deliberation and finally conceding to the retarted fact that i'm gonna have to use (two) vacation days for this, i've decided to ride down to baton rouge for the graduation with my parents. go ahead and be jealous. it's okay. i understand. what would you suggest as a good graduation present for an 18 year old boy who hates the world?? go ahead, i'm interested in your opinion.

other than that, i'm just late for work.