Tuesday, May 10, 2005

it IS me...

who knew??

let's see. i accidentally got drunk friday night. it sorta snuck on me out of nowhere. turns out(again) that i can't hold much alcohol. surprise!! so, after sleeping that off, i headed to my sister's to take a youngin to go get another youngin to take 'the' youngins to see the hitchhiker's guide. i said i would be ready to go at 3:30. i get there at 3:35 and she steps out of the shower. so, we dont leave till 5. whatever. it's okay. i have ALL the patience in the world. so, we got to the mall just in time to eat and watch the movie which they weren't nearly as impressed with as i expected them to be. weird movie with weird puppet style aliens. i wouldve been crazy impressed by that when i was 8. oh, well. they got to hang out with me for a day, so that was impressive enough for them. it's sad for me to think when those days are over. the days when i'm no longer the young cool aunt. the days when they realize i was never really the cool aunt anyway, just the aunt closest to their age. eh, my 16 year old nephew still hasnt realized that yet, so i still have hope for these two.

sunday was mothers day. yay. we went to the same sister's house to eat lunch. nasty. bleigh. after lunch she and i had a vulgar match of wits and i won shockingly enough. sunday night i had a quaint little date and besides the headache i've had for a little over a week now, it was pleasant all the way around.

God, my life is so boring...



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