Thursday, May 26, 2005

big girls dont cry

thank goodness i'm not a fattie, cause skinny girls cry like bitches.

moving on...

got to go to a family reuion last weekend. not my family, wewhew. so, i found the one guy not wearing khakis, who stood over 6 ft, weighed a good 60 to 70 lbs, and had a giant black 'fro. we wound up talking about his last 25 years of being in a rock band and his past drug addictions. it was enjoyable. and i realized i watch entirely too much animal cops houston when i got seriously unnerved for a few minutes after realizing these people had let their daschund get obese knowing obviously that they need to be a little on the thin side due to the breed's chronic back problems. sit down jane. its okay.

after we left there, we saw the final star wars movie. yay. it was actually alot better than i had figured. chick has twins, dude gets burned, tons of fun. and since everybody's freakin' out about people saying anymore detail than that. i just wont.

sunday, i dont remember right now, but i'm sure it happened. crack, anyone??

monday rocked ass. tuesday morning i ran over a pup. took him to the vet, his abdomen had herniated and his leg was broken. did surgery today and his guts werent all shredded like they had thought, his bladder was in shock and the neck of his femur is broken. so, he should be able to walk in 2-3 weeks. that should be fun. carrying pup to go poop multiple times a day.

well, time to go home.