Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Irresponsible Pet Ownership

This past Friday night, I sat home... alone... sulking ... and got drunk. Very drunk. So, after making a few futile drunk calls, I finally gave up and me and da puty watched Star Trek until one of us passed out. Guess who. When I eventually woke up, the sight of the rest of my screwdriver sitting peacefully in wait on the coffee table was enough to nausiate the hell out of me and make me stagger my way to the deepest bed I've ever laid in. Perhaps I shouldn't drink alone. Eh. Anywho, the guy of the house woke me up and said da puty had puked all over the floor. Weird. So, I went and looked. Little piles of catfood everywhere. And lo and behold, a HUGE pile of orange juice goo all over the kitchen floor and Janey's little glass all empty.

I shouldn't be allowed to own a cat.

Ozzie is a cute little pup. A schweenie, I believe??

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rucky Virrage

i Finaly got my online banking set up yesterday after nearly a month now. it's like stepping into the futute. i love it. that plus my fancy credit/debit card and i'm on cloud nine. after that we went and ate at lucky village in natchitoches where foreigners have forced me to learn to love crab meat. mmmm, nummy.

my fortune for the day: "There is a gradual improvement. Feelings are sweet and tender."
psychic chinese?? jane reading too much into things?? who knows??

and now for a dog that has not yet been stolen by the chinese for consumption by the general public:
heather is a shar pei that's already been spayed, has had her ears cropped (if you're into that sort of thing) and looks like she's capable of eating your children. don't have kids?? well, problem solved.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


i had a screwdriver and a half last night before heading off to bed to help out with that vitamin C that i'm lacking in my diet. i took some prescription cough syrup for that sickness that i got several weeks ago has still not gone away in my throat. i feel like i have 'strep' or at least what i'm assuming that feels like. i slept WONDERFULLY and my body did not want to wake up. it still does not want to be awake. that's about all.

here's a dog:

daisha is a dog who's not quite the cutest dog in the world. then again, i'm not that into spaniels. but i can appreciate someone who is willing to give a dog a unique name.