Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fuck My Life

we've been living in our new apartment exactly one month today. since we've moved in, there's been a bound charred murdered body discovered at our complex, an invasion of centipedes, and now a break in of my car. i was about to leave to go to work this morning when lo' and behold, one of the back glasses on my car had been busted out. my trunk was popped and my glove compartment hanging open. i searched through everything and only my GPS and cell phone charger are missing. my computer crap is still there. my checkbook that i have in my glove compartment is still there. my cds are all still there as well as my dvds. old broken laptop and multiple computer keyboards are still there, too. #1 i keep my car so packed with crap you couldn't even see the GPS. i basically drive a dumpster on wheels. seriously, who would take a look at my car and say "ooh!! i wanna see what's in that!!" #2 even if they did see my car as maybe low threat due to low value, WHY would you not steal the other stuff, too? why wouldn't you take the lap top and cds and movies and computer accessories? why? guess that goes to show that at least SOME education is required to make any real money.