Saturday, June 09, 2007

somewhere over the rainbow.........cheeks are flat

good evening!!!

this is a picture i took of myself a few minutes ago. i hope you can see my newly formed tumor. did i tell you i had a root canal done a few weeks ago?? well, i did. while there, dr. magic fingers and i had a little dispute on how he wanted me to take an antibiotic to fix the heavy infection i had at the base of my tooth. you know, the junction at which my root meets my bone. i said i didnt want to take them because i'm currently on birth control and fear pregnancy more than cancer. almost. he gave me a lecture on how i cant avoid antibiotics forever and that i may as well just take them. so, we decided to wait a little bit to see if it would just clear up on its on or if it would get worse. well. it got worse. wednesday night my jaw really started to get sore, not exactly swelling, but just very tender. thursday i called the dentist's office and had them call me in a prescriptions to my nearest walgreens. i took my first two thursday night and continued to take them every 6 hours friday. you can see the results. my jaw has continued to swell nonstop since yesterday. its now from my front teeth all the way back and up my ear. underneath, it's swollen half way across to the other side of my mouth. inside my teeth, where my tongue sits, the gums where the back three teeth sit are painfully swollen and i can no longer really swallow. the tooth i actually had the root canal done on is a short little tooth because it has been filed down in the past due to prior cavaties and its so swollen that its now taller than its surrounding teeth. its swelling straight upwards.

i finally gave up today and took a pain pill because i can feel the entirety of my tooth down to the bone and every heartbeat feels like i have epileptic midgets with cheese graters writhing around on the floor of my tooth. i finally gave up on food and have not eaten since yesterday at lunch. earlier this afternoon i started throwing up what i can only assume was blood. reddish brown coffee ground looking stuff and since two of my teeth have been bleeding since this whole thing started, thats really all that i've been swallowing.

i'm starting to think i may be allergic to penicillin.

any thoughts??

Monday, June 04, 2007

and a bag of potato chips

"Oh, you think you're soooooooo cool. You think you're alllll that. But you're not. You're not all that. "

"Oh, no, actually I checked and as it turns out, I am. "