Wednesday, January 25, 2006


neglectful as i am, i really have tried updating lately. but my computer just up and shuts itself down. lazy ass computer. so, i'll try this again shortly...

Friday, January 06, 2006

Puppy Brains

My dog, Gus, who is almost six years old and never had any interest in real dog toys or dog sports, spontaneously learned to play fetch a couple days ago. I was sitting on the front steps with him doing the whole massage thing as usual, when my niece brought me a little fabric ball. I shook in front of his nose a time or two and he went crazy. I threw it, he shot off like a little dart, caught it, fell down, and brought it back to me. Where the hell did that come from?? So, I did it again. Same thing. My puppy knows how to play fetch!! I’m so proud.

Other than that, it’s finally 2006, which I believe it wasn’t the last time I updated. So, I’m still living with my sister and her chitlins, I still don’t have a computer, and I still have itty boops. So, not much has changed since last year. My hair has somehow gotten worse, though. That’s weird. I now look like a lion 24 hours a day. Well, that’s not true. When I first wake up, my hair is GORGEOUS. Then it goes weird on me. Figure that one out.

So, how was your new years eve, by the way?? Please don’t answer because for starters I know you wont and secondly, I probably don’t care. At the stroke of midnight, I was sitting on my sister’s couch with my nephew, Zachary, watching veggie tales: the lord of the beans. Which is a surprisingly good movie, in case anyone cares.

Oh, and just for a quick head count, how do you pronounce ramen noodles??