Wednesday, July 25, 2007

my own private highway from the cradle to the grave; i save a bundle skipping middle age and saturdays

heiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidi hoooooooo everbody!!

alot has happened in the last month and a half. so much so that i'll have to update again before august 25th even. well, maybe. i'll save all the new life and dentistry and dispatchery, though, for the next go round.

for the time being: I GOT MY OWN PLACE!! a place to call my own where i can finally begin that creep up the ladder of adulthood. i cleaned my own toilet for the first time this weekend, which may not be entirely true. although, i DID watch someone else clean my very own toilet. so, although i am a manic liar and did not clean my own poop gobbler myself, i scrubbed those grubby walls like a mad woman. stephaloo spent the night with me (in my very own place for the very first time) sunday night. we spent the entire afternoon sunday cleaning and, to my knowledge, she spent the majority of monday doing it some more. i'm only taking her word for this, you understand. she had the smell of cigarettes about her when i got back, so i'm guessing she took the occasional lazy smoke break as well. some people.

anybody wanna see pictures???

apparently, you'll have to wait until next time because my computer keeps freezing. i'll try to have them posted within the next few days.