Friday, May 27, 2005

youth in asia

so i ran over my pup the other day. his ball, of his ball and socket joint, is broken completely off. if, when he starts to walk, he puts pressure on this, the ball will slip down and the leg bone will slip up causing the top of the femur to rub on the hip and causing the ball to rub lower down on the femur. where his hips connect is cracked down the middle as well as fractured here and there. he only has one testicle, the other one is still inside his abdomen and without it being removed, he'll eventually get testicular cancer. as sweet and good spirited as he is, he's not in good shape. so, good pet owners that we're trying to become, brad and i talk this out for a lengthy time and decide maybe it would be better to go ahead and have him put to sleep considering that if he doesnt have at least two major surgeries (in addition to the one for his bladder that he's already had) he'll die of cancer, but until then have extremely sevier arthritis and walk with a painful limp. so, i reluctantly call the vet's office and give her my suggestion. she became outraged. we werent being fair to ourselves or to the puppy. we werent even giving the pup a chance. that dog is nowhere near euthanasia and there was no way she could agree to that. she told me we could let him live until he got cancer and as far as his hips, you see dogs on the street all the time walking around limp-legged that have never seen a vet. so, i promptly proceeded to cry in guilt. she said if we absolutely do not want the dog she would help us get him adopted. great, someone to take our puppy and love it. but will he have the surgeries with the other person? my concern isnt making sure the dog gets enough food and love, i can handle that part just fine. my concern is the quality of life this pup is gonna have. it pisses me off that i was made out to be cold hearted, because at least in the pet department, i am far from that.


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