Friday, May 13, 2005


i was thinking last night and suddenly my brain was hit by a tiny lightening bolt. i realized that the two most monumental life scarring days of my life were halloween and friday the 13th. this struck me as significant. then i realized that the halloween wasnt actually on the 31st, it was on the 30th, but that's nit picking.

well, off to be an accepted nerd in dallas tomorrow. i'm heading to the scifi toy convention thingamajig. woo-hoo!! i'm desperately praying this will be a self esteem booster for me. oh please, oh please, oh please. it occurred to me only two days ago that i NEED to get a haircut before i go, you know, so i dont look like the shaggy homeless person that i've been looking like for the past, oh, say 6-8 months now. but after searching oh so hard for somebody to cut it for me, the one place i called wasnt available yesterday. so, i did a little trim job of my own. scary. i kept cutting and kept cutting and you still cant tell theres any missing. that's a good thing i guess. at least you cant tell if i gapped it all up.

i just stretched and pulled a muscle in my stomach and thought for a second i was gonna throw up. whew, weird.

also, we're gonna see how well my inhibitions have progessed this weekend. i'm wearing a bikini this weekend people. blind people be thankful, to everyone else: wear shades. generally speaking, i'm a one piece kinda girl. but i guess there's a first time for everything in life, so why not while i still have a body almost worth looking at?

that'll wrap it up for today kids, tune in tomorrow for well, nothing. because i'll be in dallas, the only city in the united states void of computers, or something like that...


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