Wednesday, June 21, 2006

and i would stand inside my hell and hold the hand of death

33's not "young" per media, crackbaby. sorry. that's not just me. not old, just not 'young'.

i had friday off spur of the moment. me and crazy b headed to petit jean to a car show. i finally got to see my studebaker lark up close and in person. most of the body was very very cute, but i didnt like the back end as much as i thought. the 1955 chevy belair on the other hand, i really liked. the back end was alot smoother. cuter. this is a better picture of the body, but if i ever got one i'd want it to be either orange or bright yellow with a white top. it's prolly never a problem i'll ever have to worry about, but still.

also at said car show, i used a port-a-potty for the first time. YAY!! it wasn't quite as nasty as i always imagined it would be. as in shit-smeared walls, but it was still pretty damn nasty. i'll not describe it because i'm assuming everybody else has already done this many, many times. ickity.

i've been on a quest to eat healthier lately. not like a major quest, but i've been eating wheat bread, raisin bran, juice instead of coke, things like that. this past week, i took on tomatoes. i've learned that taco bell tomatoes are not worth the disgust for the antichewability. i dont know if that came out right. they dont chew. you cannot chew a taco bell tomato. it's disgusting. but evertime i've gone to subway recently i now get one tomato for my little sammich. they're tolerable, but they still taste like dish soap to me. every time i bite, i imagine little suds coming out the back of my sub. i checked today to see if all this torture has been in vain and this is what i found out. turns out tomatoes are high in vitamin c. i'm not sure if it's worth it, but i'm gonna give my taste buds a little longer before i totally give up this experiment.

i need to find a food good for the skin...besides prenatal vitamins. i've got a zit on my cheek the size of a volvo. i look like i've been shot with a bb gun. it hurts. ow.

oh, and i need for everyone who reads this to go ahead and plan on going to the peach festival in ruston saturday. i'm going to be there making a guest appearance. it's going to be hot and i'm going to be cranky and i'm going to need people to talk into going to see the omen with me.

jack he's a havanese mix. i dont know what a havanese is, but they're apparently rare.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

falling away from me...

i've been sitting in a bored daze at work here for a while now and it just occurred to me how really short my youth is. you're allotted 12 years of real youth. you're legally suseptible to your parents whims until the age of 18 and then you're socially unacceptable as young once you hit 30. generally speaking. i dont mean to be rude, but it's true. sorry, but that's just the way i see that it is. not to say that 30 is old, by any means. it's just no longer "YOUNG". i have been passed by 5 of those twelve years. FIVE. meaning i have only 7 left to spend.

doing what??


hmm. maybe i'm about to start my period. that would explain this...

i'd feel just wrong if i neglected this for yet another post. i know, i know. no one looks, but still:
jojo is a catahoula leopard dog mix. his description just warms my cockles. yeah, i dont know how to spell cockles.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


so, am i the only nasty bitch on the face of the earth who shaves her happy trail?? because if so, i'd like to go ahead and know now.

thank for your help...

Monday, June 12, 2006

closed minded hillbilly

i'll not name names; you know who you are.

i feel like alot has happened in the void lately that i have not yet shared. none of it is of really any interest, but nothing here really ever is. here we go!!

i got a "free" computer a little over a week ago. i believe i said that already. boy am i excited to have my very own computer to do with whatever i so choose...the next day my glasses snap in the middle and fall off my face. therefore, i am blind and can no longer even see my newfound precious. :: sniffle :: so, i head to ruston to get my eyes checked, then headed off to natchitoches to have bradford tell me how badly he hates each separate frame i try on. we finally agree on the second to least disgusting pair of slightly squarish, small black rimmed glasses. wee hoo!! I FUCKING ROCK!!! and i havent really used extreme profanity on my site in too long of a time. i have simply fucking missed it.

this weekend shall always be one of remembrance. a weekend full of...full of...well.

i had a weekend this past two days. it consisted of a friday night, a saturday, and a sunday. sure enough. friday night i got piss drunk and got to participate in a cigarette run. saturday morning i got to see the majority of my intestines. saturday afternoon i got to play in ye olde lake and dodge pine cones carefully chunked INTO MY FACE by good ol' billy jack. thanks dude. sunday we got to go have a nice little date and see the movie CARS. very very cute. i highly recommend it. it's definitely a kids movie, but it was very very funny. bite my tongue but larry the cable guy's "mater" (you know, like tuh-mater? without the tuh) and i got an extremely belated birthday present of the sims the complete edition so i did that for the next 18 hours straight after getting home that night. maybe not that long, but it was thoroughly enjoyed.

i finally got a ticket for my expired rejection sticker and i dont wanna talk about it.

my neice called me last night to tell me they got a new puppy. his name is frodo and he's a rat terrier. he's sooooooo little. cute little bugger, but i sure dont want one.

speaking of pups:
beavus: pretty average dog, german shepherd mix, but like i said i can appreciate unusual names.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

now that i got you in the bed, i'm gon' pull yo hair

imagine this being sung by a slow talking, angry sounding black man. i went and got gas the other night and this was BLARING in the parking lot. the lyricist then went on to describe the intricacies of the black woman's anus. nice song.................nice song.

i had a "call-a-cab" saturday night down at wet willies under the bridge for the second time. the first, i was already so drunk by the time i tasted it, it didnt taste. but i had one, a very small one. it was disgusting, but to my delighted surprise a mere 15 minutes later my face and tongue went numb and my shirt disappeared. weird. so, i went on a hunt for the recipe to this mytery drink (or others) and here's what i found: a bitch slap i just like the name, crooked monkey i dont care much for whiskey, but it could be okay, fuck me like a beast i'm very interested in this one, darth vader i honestly dont know how your stomach lining wouldnt eat itself after that one. :: shudder ::

i'm alone by myself for a week and a half at work. enough said... :)

i got a free computer today. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! desktop, used, but free. i cant wait to see how many differnt ways i can break and/or just fuck it up. yay!!

scooter (redubbed: geezer) homed at the monroe humane society for dogs. they FINALLY updated his description, after how many months??? like 3??? this is the dog who pulled me like a cartoon character the time i went and walked a couple dogs. he's HUGE!!! sweet dog, but damn he's BIG.