Monday, August 28, 2006

Eating a Tuna Sandwich from Subway and Feeling like a Very Healthy Lesbian

ooh, when i came up with that on friday, oh i thought it was soooo funny. i became a very sick little girl later that night. turns out lesbian health food just isnt for me. bleigh.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Holy Botswanian Cows, Batman!!

They really are.

Everybody know La 9?? No?? Okay, well it’s a former country band with the lead singer becoming the new up and coming "thing". Matter of opinion I suppose, but that's neither here nor there, nor anywhere, sam I am. Sorry. Anyways. Said singer is playing at the Rebellion on the Red festival in shreveport this Saturday. So, as a promotional stunt they featured one of his new songs up against Rascal Flat's new song on KRMD's song wars. To be vague, two people I know and respect the majority of their opinions came to me later saying that La 9's song had won the war 69,000 to 2. Literal numbers. Sixty nine THOUSAND to TWO. That's what the dj had told them. Now I tried to explain that this is what we call "bullshit". For starters, 69,000 people were not listening to song wars last night. They just weren't. And if so, there's no possible way with a number this big that it would be even like that. AND has anyone else ever heard La 9 perform????? And I mean no disrespect to the people who had been conned per mr. dj into thinking this was true, but come on, folks. Let's all be realistic here. Had I not already known this was a staged deal and hadn't known a month and a half ago they were gonna win last night no matter what, this would've really upset me. Sheesh.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ethiopian Pussy

i realized today that tomorrow will be exactly one month since we acquired mina. she's grown and changed alot in just four weeks. the quiet, shy, sweet little kitty we let into our home has turned into a loud, playful, hellion that likes to provoke and terrorize our other kat, mork, who is three times her size. she's really coming out of her shell and establishing her place in our home. annoying though it may seem at times, i'm glad she's becoming more comfortable and is able to finally be a normal, healthy kitten.

she's gained a little over two pounds since we've had her. turns out she was never pregnant in the first place; she just had ethiopian syndrom apparently. just severe bloat from starvation, i guess.

she loves anything that jingles and moves, though she's not a big fan of string for some odd reason. unless the string happens to be attached to your feet, God forbid. my feet look like i walk through broken glass every morning before going to work. yeek.

i love my little putty.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I've been wondering for a while what I would look like as a red head. So, this weekend, I got my sister to dye my hair for me. We first made the stripping mix and applied that. The black part of my hair, it didn't faze at all and the roots of my hair, which it wasn't supposed to touch, it completely bleached out. I rinsed that completely and then she applied the "black cherry" color I'd bought at the same store as my stripping concoction and my hair turned out a bright, bright hot pink. But only on my roots and underneath my hair. After that completely dried later that night, I put a "sinamon" color on it I'd bought several months ago. I got in the shower and rinsed until it was clear, then sat down to take my normal bath and just let some conditioner soak into my poor mutilated hair. Once I rinsed the conditioner out, it looked like the tub was full of blood. Kinda nasty, kinda cool. The end result was a purply, deep pinkish red. It isn't horrible, but I'm definitely looking forward to the next bottle of black hair dye I can purchase. And in addition to my head hair, from soaking in the blood water, I've also accidentally dyed all the tiny white hairs that cover the rest of my body a light pink. So, really, I just look a little sunburned.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

dear reader

i want YOU to come to ropers friday night. i'm planning on going after i get off work and am not going to have anyone to sit/get drunk with and that's just not acceptable. so, yeah. come.