Saturday, April 16, 2005

home alone

well, i havent dont this in a while, so why not?

both of my parents birthdays are this month. dads is today and moms is on the 23rd. i got a carefully laid out guilt trip about the only set of parents i'm ever gonna have and how my other two sisters want to take them out to eat and i should go. i eventually agreed and now i wake up, 5 o'clock and all by myself. i call sister #1 and ask when this is all supposed to happen. "like, right now." oh, good. i'm still in my jammies with my hair in knots and my face all swollen and red (as it always is when i wake up, i didnt get stung by a bee or anything). "well, we tried calling your cell phone (which everyone knows doesnt work here) and your house phone "(which i got disconnected months ago.) sooooooooo, now whos the bad daughter? once again, its me. tsk tsk tsk, for shame.

i also went the the gynocologist for the first time this week. wow, was that a treat. the older i get the more i understand why most women bitch about being women. ::shudder:: that was nooooo fun at all. course i got in trouble the whole time because i couldnt relax for long enough. i did find out though that too much caffeine in your diet can cause you to have knots and lumps in your breasts. and all this time i've been thinking i had cancer.

monday i had one of our dogs put to sleep. not a whole lot of story there, just that. he'd either live in misery with whatever disease he had at the house, or dumped off somewhere else, which wasnt going to happen. or he could be eaten alive by the bigger healthier dog who wasnt very fond of him being around. so, one less mouth to feed and he's no longer suffering. so, i suppose it all works out for the best.

i was offered a job in lafayette the other day. i think we all know i work for a trucking company. anyway, our lafayette driver came in and asked me if i'd be interested in going because the woman who works their office in the evening is leaving at the end of the month and his terminal manager would love to have me if i'd be willing but i had to call by the next morning because he was going out of town. wow, huge opportunity. get away from everyone and everything i know, get to move out, get to start all over, this time as an adult and start doing things on my own. but as it turns out, i'm a puss. i have tons of family down there that i know would let me move in with them, but i just cant bring myself to do it. it would be an immediate full time position as soon as their hire after the 8 weeks it takes. i'm almost positive i'll be kicking myself in the ass in just a few months over this.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thats pretty much it.


Blogger Crazy B said...

You have lumpy boobs and kill animals? Lumpy boobed animal killer.

Monday, April 18, 2005 2:49:00 PM  

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