Wednesday, April 27, 2005

blood belching vagina

woo-hoo! yay for me and my uterus!

let's see. saturday was uneventful. or at least, i dont remember it being eventful. sunday was great as i recall. i got to have an official date, which rocked as always. and i got to fall peacefully asleep, which is also always a plus. monday went great until sick. i called in to work. i spent the night with michelle and let my guinea pig poop all over her bed. it was fun. and yet again, fell asleep. i slept about two hours or so and got up to drive around. called a guy and arranged to have my other big pup picked up and taken to the houston spca. i have more faith in them than the bossier city animal shelter. and this wont cost me anything. yay.

the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy is coming out this weekend. oh my gosh, i want to see that movie soooo bad. i'm very afraid, because the book rocked and hopefully the movie will too, but i have my doubts. its only rated pg. which i usually am all for, but the book is at least a pg-13. sheesh.

"A buddhist on the subway tells me that what you want is rarely if ever what you need."


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