Saturday, April 09, 2005

dead popes aren't much fun either...

good lord am i tired of hearing about that. damn.

well. i got rid of my puppadoos the other day. i *think* i already told the story of the pup with the maggot infestation. so, if not, i'll tell it later. so, yeah, i got the pups all bathed up and off to the police department we went. hung out with rodney, animal control guy, satan, and a few others. one little pup who was extremely active and loud and playful and all that stuff pups should be i picked up and fed and played with for a long time till the animal control guy decided to leave. she was chewing on her food and crawling all over me and made her way up to my shoulder where she sat. my neck suddenly got warm. "damnit, you peed on me." nope, i pulled her down and she sprayed orangish-brownish liquid poo ALL over my shirt and pants. i search the room for help and all i see is rodney gasping for breath from laughing/gagging. thanks, man, i appreciate it. anywho, the pups are gone now. that's a crappy feeling, but at least now they wont have to starve to death one by one.

ooh, me and my boss got in a tift yesterday morning. there really isnt much of a story here. there was this morning because i was pissed like crazy, but as it turns out once again my balls shrivelled back up into my abdomen and i wiped his ass again as far as his paperwork is concerned. i did all his supervisor crap for him. i guess this can go into my pile with manifesting and closing his trailers and writing all his emails for him. hooray for takin' it up the ass.

friday night:
i got cut off. basically i have nothing today. umm, well, besides the fact that i have whiplash from someone trying to stuff my head in a toilet unexpectedly. thanks, bradley. my neck still hurts.

'das all.


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