Monday, April 04, 2005

dead puppies aren't much fun...

well, here i am (at home) about to leave for work. i just got through bathing 3 pups and disposing of one. one is still missing. there's a little while something in the middle of um, under the house. ah, there's a little white something beneath the middle of the house. there, thats better. so, i havent visited the pups in quite a while and apparently no one else around here has either. so, maybe i'll stay home for a while this time. the first puppy i bathed was layed over in a little heap with flies all over her and those big green shiney bugs all along one side. i thought she was dead till i started shooing away the flies and she started moaning. so, i bathed her and noticed she's got some weird infestation all along one side. larva of some sort?? hundreds of what looks like miniature pieces of rice. it's awful. but i think i got it all off. i found the second nearest death one i could get and bathed her up (and apparently, we have all girls). she actually wiggled around a whole lot more and barked and yelped and fussed while i bathed her. the third little girl jumped around and barked at the water and whined and was being an all around pain in the hiney. i've decided to hold off on doing anything else until tomorrow. gus, the daddy, obviously doesnt know how to use his balls responsibly so i'm gonna have those confiscated first thing tomorrow morning and i'll take the other puppies with me and either see if i can leave them there or see if there's an animal shelter in jonesboro. rodney?? because i think the mama dog is officially gone. so, yeah, no more askin' if anybody wants a puppy. for a while anyways. ooh, maybe if there's an animal shelter in jonesboro i can get rid of that hound dog too. hmm. my other hound dog keeps attacking him and i think he has mange. poor dog.


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