Friday, April 29, 2005

catch 22?

i'm not entirely positive what a catch 22 is, but here's what i figure is a mild version of one. i got to talk to our new terminal manager for a while this morning. he's putting in my request for going full time. woo-hoo. he asked me about where i wanted to be. in all honesty, i'm not that great at the night shift. numbers are not my thing, remembering 50 four digit numbers a night is quite difficult to me. 2436 is hooking with 2792 and 2634 is hooking with 2692 and so on and so forth. not really my cup of tea. the billing in the evenings i am awesome at. i can admit that. i rock ass remembering peoples names and addresses and phone numbers and classes and blind shipper codes and what not and so forth. i'm extremely fast and have a clear understanding of that whole shift. i LOVE working nights. i love it. it is the only place i could imagine myself wanting to be, working at night. except for maybe working days at a vet clinic or shelters, but thats not happening any time soon. i HATE working evenings. i loathe it with a passion. your entire day is wasted or it seems that way to me. so, here's the deal. he's taking me off nights to put me on full time working evenings. well, poo.

other than that not alots happened. my sister woke me up after like 3 wonderful hours of sleep, so now i'm back off to bed. i'm gonna end up dying from lack of sleep.

oh, one last thing to top this off, i once again have plans this weekend and my mom is all disappointed that i'm not going out to eat with everybody tomorrow night. again, who's the bad daughter?? right over here...


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