Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In 24 days, I'll Be 24 Years Old

Scary thought. Yeeighk.

Two weeks ago, Stephanie and I went out. We went shopping and spent too much money. We also went to skinworks tattoo in bossier and got her tongue pierced. She begged me to get my belly button pierced because it’s something I had talked a lot about before. But once we got there, I just couldn’t go through with it. I kinda like the way my stomach looks. All virginal and what not. Same reason I can’t seem to talk myself into getting a tattoo. What an old lady I’ve become. Anyway, her piercing went smoothly. It was funny when she asked the guy for the stuff to deaden her tongue and he laughed and said "we don’t do that here. Now, stick out your tongue." You’d’ve thought he told her her mom had cancer. so, for the next two weeks, she talked like a retarted kid and I was amused. We went back this past Saturday night and got her long bar replaced with a shorter one. Also, her tongue had turned green and milky white. When asking the girl at the tattoo parlor about it, she said when you have a tongue piercing and smoke the nicotine stains your tongue. I didn’t know that. That looked nasty as shit, though. Hopefully, for her sake that'll clear up after a while. Ickity.

Sunday night, bradford and I went to see
pan's labrynth. Awesome, awesome movie. It had a lot more gore than I expected. Not very many scenes, but the ones that had gore HAD gore. I also kind of wish I wouldve known ahead of time that the movie was entirely in spanish. Of course, if I had, I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it and wouldve greatly missed out. It was subtitled, however, which was a little distracting, but it was still very worthwhile.

Work is still kinda crappy this week. People amaze me sometimes. People get in trouble for things they should get in trouble for, but then it's someone else's fault. Bitches is hoes…bitches IS hoes.

I got flipped off in traffic for the first time today. Wee hoo!! I was merging onto the bypass as another truck was getting onto the same bypass. He had the right of way, so I let him pass. I noticed he was screaming (inside his sound proof truck from 15 feet away) and waving his hands and then jerked his mighty truckage in front of my tiny car nearly hitting it. so, as I passed him 100 feet ahead he flipped me off. I'm not entirely sure what I did wrong, so I smiled and waved. I hope his mullet and handle bar moustache can recover from the ordeal. I really do.

Poor little


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