Tuesday, January 16, 2007

friendly little people eater

Guess what I did today……I finally went to the dentist. After a little over two years of recurring migraines from one tooth in particular, I finally got it fixed. I drank a coke from mcdonalds…and I didn’t get nausious from the sugar in my cavity!! This may not seem like much to you, but my poor little mouth is riddled with cavities and rot. Bleigh. I finally got the most painful one done. It was like a little sigh of relief for the back of my right eyeball. That’s usually where it gets me the worst. After eating lunch, I almost just went buck wild and chewed a piece of bubble gum. Almost. But then I decided I might wanna wait for that rodeo until I have another visit or two to the dentist. And on top of everything else, my dentist was cute. It was nice to see his pretty eyes above that mask…even if it was for a brief moment, in between clinching my eyelids in panic and gasping desperately for unfingered air. It was still appreciated.


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