Wednesday, January 03, 2007


After a month of not blogging. Here I am, back to give you another months dose. Woohoo!!

In the past month, I have:

Gone partying with friends with no regard to whom else it will affect except for my
alcohol intake fairies (thankfully, they stopped me before I regurgitated all the precious, precious vodka I had consumed)
Been called perfection in every way followed by a marriage proposal (to which I regretfully declined)
Gone willingly to our company Christmas party (where I won a $25 wal*mart gift card) and did not die
Had another first date
Found that finding an affordable house in the city isn’t NEARLY as easy as I was expecting it to be (I’ll be off to look at another house/trailer either tomorrow or the day after)
Got a small tattoo of a
black widow spider right beside my loins on the right hand side. (take a look at how tan my loins are...)
Learned that no one will pay sole attention to you until you until you stop paying sole attention to them.
Learned how to put pictures on myspace (, find me and become my friend, damnit)
Got an iPod!! (and have since become obsessed with the little beast)
Have discovered that perhaps, I do indeed like Fiona apple (who knew??)
Got to see Rodney. (hey,
Finally got off my uncaring ass and made another trip to the
Ouachita parish animal shelter and brought donations like the good little hippie animal lover that I would like to think that I am. (found veronica which I have dubbed geisha because of her mysterious background…and her apparent ability to keep secrets)

other than that, i've had a really boring month. i'll try updating again soon.