Saturday, January 20, 2007


gotta get me one of those for work. but in the words of dooce "be ye not stupid" and try to not discuss work matters on your personal blogsite. it can only lead to trouble. so, i'll not. just suffice it to say, work has been kinda shitty this week. that's all.

other than that, my life's been kinda boring. my apartment search has kinda gone on hiatus. i think i may have redecided to just wait until i get my income tax return money in and just move into the apartments i'd looked into a while back. it's alot of money for a small place. but at least i'll feel safe. not overly safe, but moderately safe. and thats good enough for me. for now.

my nephew called me the other day out of the blue. the 18 year old one who's a senior in high school and wants to move to shreveport when he graduates. this has no bearing on anything right now, BUT it's nice to get to talk to him again. i prolly relate to him more than most of the people in my family. it's just nice to find a kindred spirit occassionally. even if he is a couple years younger....and smelly.

just kiddin' VIKTOR!!!


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