Tuesday, January 23, 2007

what i really do at home...

good morning!!!

i havent been up very long. i'm playing on the internet, checking mail and what not, with animal planet giving me noise in the background. animal cops houston as a matter of fact. i've decided to get another cat whenever i move out. an older, adult, dark colored female. so, i periodically search the internet, usually www.petfinder.com and browse cute pet pictures. i have no intention of adopting from out of state, but i think its neat to read about shelters elsewhere. i also like it when people give their rescues quirky, imaginative names. i personally believe you're more likely to grab a persons attention with a tiny dog with giant ears name goblin or yoda than fluffy or bobby. or a dark mysterious cat named merlin or ezmarelda rather than sweetie pie or blackie. so, i can appreicate weird pet names. i think it helps in the adoption process. this morning i came across cookie, a chocolate lab rescued pregnant from the desert in el paso. just a normal dog. her pup's are labled as a group as cookie's crumbs. pretty damn cute. at the same shelter, we have nala a bichon frise rescued from euthanasia at a local animal control also heavily pregnant. her pup's were labled also as a group as nala's pride. not quite as creative as the cookie crumbs. but, meh. sydney is not that great of a name, but this is an adorable kitten.

i guess i've wasted enough time this morning looking for kitties and pups. i'm gonna go find something educational to watch on tv till i have to shower.


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