Thursday, February 08, 2007

people are strange when you're a stranger

yesterday at work, an average phone call came in from a shipper who was wanting to change her piece and weight count on a bill of lading. she was waiting on some guy to bring her the information. while waiting, she started small talk about men and how you're always waiting on them. blabbity blah, she's had the same man for 36 years so she would know.

"oh, my gosh!!" janey exclaimed. "you've seriously been married for 36 years?? i dont even know what to say back to that."

"not much you can say, except what you did 'oh my gosh'. are you married??"

snicker. "oh, no. nope nope nope."

"how old are you??" "what are you wearing and how big are your breasts??"

okay, wait, stop. sorry. got sidetracked. she did ask how old i was. now, let's continue.


"OH!! i should set you up with my son!! he's 23!! he's a cop. i dont know if you like that kinda guy."

nervously laughing, jane replies "ha, um, okay?? a cop?? that sounds like it would be worrisome for you."

she's used to it, coppage runs in the family and we continue to gib gab and the guy gets there with the information we need and then conversation turns to pallets and poundage. and when we go to get off the phone she goes:

"now, i'm serious about you and son going out. are you interested??"

"well, i'm sort of in a relationship..............."

"well, if that doesnt work out of you, you know where i'm at. you just let me know. I'M SERIOUS."

"okie doke. "



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