Monday, June 12, 2006

closed minded hillbilly

i'll not name names; you know who you are.

i feel like alot has happened in the void lately that i have not yet shared. none of it is of really any interest, but nothing here really ever is. here we go!!

i got a "free" computer a little over a week ago. i believe i said that already. boy am i excited to have my very own computer to do with whatever i so choose...the next day my glasses snap in the middle and fall off my face. therefore, i am blind and can no longer even see my newfound precious. :: sniffle :: so, i head to ruston to get my eyes checked, then headed off to natchitoches to have bradford tell me how badly he hates each separate frame i try on. we finally agree on the second to least disgusting pair of slightly squarish, small black rimmed glasses. wee hoo!! I FUCKING ROCK!!! and i havent really used extreme profanity on my site in too long of a time. i have simply fucking missed it.

this weekend shall always be one of remembrance. a weekend full of...full of...well.

i had a weekend this past two days. it consisted of a friday night, a saturday, and a sunday. sure enough. friday night i got piss drunk and got to participate in a cigarette run. saturday morning i got to see the majority of my intestines. saturday afternoon i got to play in ye olde lake and dodge pine cones carefully chunked INTO MY FACE by good ol' billy jack. thanks dude. sunday we got to go have a nice little date and see the movie CARS. very very cute. i highly recommend it. it's definitely a kids movie, but it was very very funny. bite my tongue but larry the cable guy's "mater" (you know, like tuh-mater? without the tuh) and i got an extremely belated birthday present of the sims the complete edition so i did that for the next 18 hours straight after getting home that night. maybe not that long, but it was thoroughly enjoyed.

i finally got a ticket for my expired rejection sticker and i dont wanna talk about it.

my neice called me last night to tell me they got a new puppy. his name is frodo and he's a rat terrier. he's sooooooo little. cute little bugger, but i sure dont want one.

speaking of pups:
beavus: pretty average dog, german shepherd mix, but like i said i can appreciate unusual names.