Thursday, June 01, 2006

now that i got you in the bed, i'm gon' pull yo hair

imagine this being sung by a slow talking, angry sounding black man. i went and got gas the other night and this was BLARING in the parking lot. the lyricist then went on to describe the intricacies of the black woman's anus. nice song.................nice song.

i had a "call-a-cab" saturday night down at wet willies under the bridge for the second time. the first, i was already so drunk by the time i tasted it, it didnt taste. but i had one, a very small one. it was disgusting, but to my delighted surprise a mere 15 minutes later my face and tongue went numb and my shirt disappeared. weird. so, i went on a hunt for the recipe to this mytery drink (or others) and here's what i found: a bitch slap i just like the name, crooked monkey i dont care much for whiskey, but it could be okay, fuck me like a beast i'm very interested in this one, darth vader i honestly dont know how your stomach lining wouldnt eat itself after that one. :: shudder ::

i'm alone by myself for a week and a half at work. enough said... :)

i got a free computer today. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! desktop, used, but free. i cant wait to see how many differnt ways i can break and/or just fuck it up. yay!!

scooter (redubbed: geezer) homed at the monroe humane society for dogs. they FINALLY updated his description, after how many months??? like 3??? this is the dog who pulled me like a cartoon character the time i went and walked a couple dogs. he's HUGE!!! sweet dog, but damn he's BIG.


Blogger Crazy B said...

The shirt coming off was very enjoyable. tee hee

Monday, June 05, 2006 7:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[Girl Talking]
Hey You
You know you been talkin a lot of shit
Whisperin in my ear
Makin me feel all hot and bothered and shit
Makin a muthafucka horny
You say you can fuck
Prove it

Look bitch
You dun talked a whole lot of shit
But wait til you see my dick
I ain't really fo' the talkin game
You dun came in the room and started handlin thangs
First start wit brain
Then i'ma beat the pussy up
Hit it from the back
And beat the pussy up
Girl why you frontin d
Doin all that runnin
Be yo ass still
Long dick comin
Now ride on the dick like you was dancin in the club
He really love attention
So show him some love
Now come up slow and jus ride the head
Now drop down fast
Put it all in the air
Now turn ya ass around let me hit it from behind ya
Put big dick inside ya
I'ma hit it from the back while i'm pullin your hair
You climbin up the wall but i'm pullin your hair
Gettin freaky than a muthafucka sweatin
I'm all on you, you all on me
Fuckin like dogs
Me and shawty off of the wall
And I like the was she play with the balls
Shawty I ain't holdin nothin back at all
Ain't scared to put the mouf on the dick
She swallowed it
And she like it when a nigga be pullin her hair
Talkin nasty to her ass while i'm pullin her hair

[Chorus (Girl)]
Now that I got you in the bed
I'm gon pull yo hair
snatch yo ass up by the head
I'm gon pull yo hair
(Pull my hair, Pull it hard)
(Pull my hair, Pull it tight)
(Pull my hair, Come on baby)
(Pull my hair) [Moans]
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(fuck me daddy, Spank me daddy)
(Fuck me... Shit)

Mmmmmm You like this
You wanna see what I have

[Kaine (Girl)]
Ay bitch
I'm talkin to you
(So tell me what you want me to do)
[Clears Throat] Looka Hear
Drop down on all fours like a dog
Now i'm lookin at yo ass 'fore I hit it
That pussy from the back
I'ma get it
I'm walkin over to you wit the rubel
Yo ass in trouble
(Is it up high enough)
I dun called yo bluff
Fuck you til you cry
I whispered jus to get ya in the bed
Now i'm finna pull yo hair on ya head
(Pull it)
Shouldn't have fucked wit me
If ya ass coulda ran you woulda
But you put dat there aside
That's how my dick got between yo thighs
Now let's all ride
I got a 10 foot pole
That'll go in yo hole
Take yo soul
Make nut come out yo nose
Fall all on yo clothes

[Chorus (Girl)]

[Chorus (Just Guy)]

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 6:43:00 PM  

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