Friday, February 25, 2005

come goblins

here i sit. another year older and a'deeper in shit.

well, yesterday was my birthday. yay!! or well, i guess now its day before yesterday. i'm a whoppin' 22 years of age. twenty two. many many people have asked (as always) does it feel any different. actually, it took me getting through most of the day yesterday to realize, it actually does feel different being 22. i refuse to explain how, but just trust me. i realize i develope new life philosophies (that word doesnt look right to me) every day, most of which are never applied. i just happen to realize that i'm not applying them, get pissy, and well, i guess thats how people get bitter in their old age. this exact thing just happens for years upon years upon years. hm. i'm a damn GENIUS!! and i've been up for more than 24 hrs. yay!! i was gonna say something several sentences back. after just trust me. what was it? i really dont remember. i feel as though life actually is perhaps slipping away after all. yeah, i was bound and determined that this wasnt supposed to happen for another ten years or so. i think maybe i'm supposed to start to see it now, but the realization is actually supposed to take effect for another ten years. maybe thats how this works. ::yawn:: dont copy me, damnit. because i said so.

the purpose of a man is to love
the purpose of a woman
so, come on baby lets start to play
wrap your

love your daddy with all your might
wrap your arms around me, baby, hold me tight.
come on baby lets start to play
come on baby, lets start today
let's play the game of love


THAT ALL SOUNDS DAMNABLE ENOUGH. FUCKIN' COTTON BALLS. OOH, ahem, sorry, lets get out of all caps now, shall we? yesterday, i went out for my birfday. went to applebees. got another spoon for my collections. yeah, i steal spoons. i already have one from that same applebeees, i have one from copelands, maybe? i dont know, they all have notations on them. i'm almost positive i have one from bennigans. i have a baby fork from bobaloo's in florida. its cute. i had a good old fashioned date (uh, minus all the grab-ass) it was cool to finally get to do something on a weekday. i kinda felt normal for a change. i had alot of fun. i really did. it was all openin' doors and holdin' hands and sharin' ice cream (with a stolen spoon, nonetheless, blah haha!). thanks babes, for takin' me out.

i ended with parentheses!! e yes, e yes!!

yep, i'm tired, i'm off lunch, i hope you all learned a valuable lesson, class dismissed.


Blogger El Mucho Roddo said...

you think your life is slipping away now? Wait till you stay in the same rut until your 26 and then you'll REALLY realize your life is slipping away because you didn't make the changes and do the things you should have done at 22.

Friday, February 25, 2005 2:49:00 AM  

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