Wednesday, July 27, 2005

my crack's getting bigger

on my windshield. such a pain in the ass.

i had a guinea pig for a couple years. i went to pet co to look for rats or other small things i could sneak home without my parents noticing. i talked to the girl there and she said they had a guinea pig for free. somebody dropped him off in front of the building and they couldnt sell him since he didnt actually belong to the store. so, i took him home and he moved back and forth with me between my parents house and bradley's periodically, depending on who i was maddest with at the time.

i gave him to my 8 year old neice about 3 weeks ago or so. she went crazy over him. she has tons of guinea pig books, treats, and well, in general, take a WHOLE lot better care of him than i ever did.

i went to my sisters yesterday to watch my neice and nephew while she went to tan and she asked me to take a look at him because one of his teeth had fallen out. so, i went and picked him up. he didnt wiggle or anything. i turned him over on his back. he still didnt wiggle or try to correct himself. so, i looked him over a long time and he just wasnt moving hardly on his own. he couldnt lift his head and his ears and feet were cold. i called 2 different vets offices, one guy said he might be really old, he wasnt sure(in regards to the tooth falling out) and i needed to take him in. so, i said if he was still like that tomorrow i'd take him. so, she called me about an hour later and said they'd just gotten through having a funeral. so, my basil, died at the ripe old age of "at least older than 3".


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