Monday, July 25, 2005

for heavens sake

i dont know if anyone else has had trouble updating, but i've updated at least 10 times and its failed every time. sooo, here we go again. my life condensed since july 5th:

i got the worst sunburn of my LIFE, which i think i already wrote about. i looked like a burn victim in icu for about 3 weeks before my shoulders started to resemble a normal person's. i do have a nice crappy tan now though. i realize now i dont just dislike tans because 'everybody does it' i like being white, because i really just like being white. my brown shoulders and upper arms make me feel dirty. it looks like it has sand on it. yickity. thats just gross. i miss being able to see through my skin.

we never got around to going to houston, tx. we still have 4 bundles of energy bouncing around the house if anyone wants one.

speaking of bundles of energy around the house, we got a kitten. i know, i know. i complain about having too many animals then i go get a cat? well, he's inside and will not be hit by any cars. namely, mine. he's a cute little ball of evil named mork, solid gray. cute, cute, cute.

bad-->i had a tire on my car seperate and send me shooting across the interstate last week.
good-->almost all of the ungodly shaking of my car has ceased, except the slight vibration of the motor due to my sixth cylinder not firing properly.

and speaking of my shitty car, today i passed a log truck and a teeny tiny pebble hit my windshield. i heard the ping and then 2 minutes later, it made a split about a foot across and is steadily getting bigger.

and since i'm really not expecting this to work properly, thats all i'm gonna do for now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It worked.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 1:52:00 PM  

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