Monday, December 13, 2004

You don't see me...


lunch time, finally., kfc, maybe?? whatever the case, nummy. (30 seconds later) it amazed me how fast i get full. i've had one and a half chicken strips. eh, oh well.

let's see. this weekend. what happened?? not too damn much. stayed home all pissy like on saturday. but i got a whole bunch of daria watched, woo-hoo!! and i got a few presents wrapped. finally. sunday me, darb, and luap all went christmas shopping. i finally got my mom's stuff. now all i have left is my sisters. they might wind up getting scrooged. depends on my phone bill this month. and yes, i can call you darb if i want to. darby, my fella. anywho...

i was thinking today about childhood christmas traumas, and by today, i mean the last minute or so. i had a thing when i was little about real from-the-woods christmas trees. i absolutely would not have a christmas tree farm tree. well, i just found out last year that my dad used to go to farms, buy a tree, go put it out in the woods and when we went tree hunting, he'd pretend to cut it down. not really a trauma, but it did hurt my feelings when i found out. although, he has run out of the house before on christmas eve, shoot into the sky, and sing and dance about he got rudolph so santa aint coming this year. ah, my beloved father. who'd have thought we'd have grown apart the way we did. hm. that being said, i do love my father, we just dont get along sometimes. now that i finally got around to them teenage years, a little late, but i'm getting there. damn heathen. yep, went to dyin' my hair and what not. yep. whew. devil child.

enough sarcasm...

alright, well this lunch break has gone on for about an hour now, soooo i'll release you all back into the real world again, or at least another part of this virtual one you're playing with.


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