Thursday, December 02, 2004


i was recently told there was nothing wrong with a quickie, so HERE WE GO!!!

ouch, thats gonna be my only attempt at enthusiasm today. ahem, here we go:

not much has happened the past few days. still eating that nasty-ass popcorn. i believe we've covered this before. i dont like to waste and since i had two bags of the vomitious popcorn, i figure i might as well eat it. ickity.

ooh, here's some wild and exciting news for you. i discovered the other day, yet again, that i may possibly NOT be the most intelligent person in the world. how? you might ask. well, let me tell you. i got in a fight with a fire place door day before yesterday. it took me several minutes to get the thing open with a bent metal/wooden stick you have to stick in a little screw groove. and i'm gonna assume you know what i'm talking about. point being: the door was heavy and difficult to open. so, after putting a little more on the fire, i figured it would just be easier to push the extremely heavy solid steel door shut with my hand. yeah, two of my fingers were numb till yesterday and one is still blistered up. so we pick up strange drunk hitchikers and play with steel fire place doors. this just goes to show you that you can still learn EXTREMELY valuable lessons well into adulthood. yay for learning.

well, chicklets (or chitlens as our southern colloquialisms would have us say) it's time to say good-bye. my lunch break is over. OH! A TEAR FOR PATRONIOUS!! quo vadas. very old movie. nevermind. miss me, cry hard, and

CHELLE: CALL ME!!! (notice the name protection, :P)

till next time...brush your damn teeth!!


Blogger Crazy B said...

You should be smarter than the machine before working on it. hahaha

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 7:57:00 AM  

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