Sunday, November 21, 2004

hello darkness, my old friend, i've come to talk with you again...

title is an oldies song, very, very pretty...
i was too depressed to go to church today(imagine that) so, i decided to stay home and update my site. yay for heathenistic activity!!! great weekend, great. met up with an old high school friend, this was a burden reliever in many ways. got to go christmas shopping yesterday at the mall. where, it turns out, i didnt spend a penny. got to spend all day yesterday with my fella, much to his disappointment because he didnt get to play with his friends, but there were so many good ignorances to be had that i wouldnt have wanted to miss out on. i dont even know if ignorances is word, but we'll pretend anyways. shall we??
generally speaking, i write childrens poetry, but here's a quickie to fill up some space, so read it:
>>the clock is on the wall
>the wall is in the hall
>the hall leads to my room
>my room is full of gloom
>the gloom is black and cold
>this gloom is very old
>ive had it many years
>its brought me many tears
>ive cried so many days
>and still, the pain, it stays
>cant seem to make it leave
>although i beg and plead
>i feel lost and alone
>my hearts grown cold now, made of stone
>i'll now get up to leave my room
>my little man made chamber of terror and doom
>i go retrieve that old clock from the wall
>its made with fine glass, heavy and tall
>i smash it across the foot of my bed
>my hands now covered in traces of red
>in one of the pieces i can see part of my face
>for what ive become this is such a disgrace
>i swallow them down one by one
>the pain is incredible, but its almost done
>as i lay in my pool of vomit and blood
>the dark overwhelmes me like a warm loving flood
stop whining, i just to said read it, not enjoy it.
well, web searched, nothing of interest happened anywhere in the entire world today. that would be soooo kick-ass. but, other than that, nothing of interest happened anywhere in the entire world today.
alright, its time. church is almost over, so i gotta run get my shower so i can hide in my room when my family gets home. later woodknots!!


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