Thursday, November 18, 2004


UPDATE TIME!! dont get too excited now. calm down everybody. there we go.

well, here we are again. staring blankly at each other across the vast reaches of cyber space. me: searching for some kind of outlet for which i can spill a piece of myself, have someone pick it up, and still remain anonymous. you: either searching blindly in a swirl of boredom or you're dating me and are obligated to land here at least once a day. either way, you're a very, very lucky person. its best if you dont ask how and just go with it. i promise. trust me.

anyways. i'm at work getting paid for doing, well, this. my job is sooo draining. everyday on the way home, i wonder if i should see if my car really is heavy enough to break the side of the overpass side rails. sure enough, everyday i chicken out. eh, somehow this is probably for the best also. mostly, because i know my mother cant really afford a funeral right now. damn, jane. shush. my first link, wee-hoo! we who?? what? anyway. neat little story about just how small midgets can be. or aliens. either way, there's pictures. so, LOOK!

in looking for this story i was actually amazed just how hard it is NOT to stumble upon porn. i mean, damn. everybody in the world is not interested in just how wide the youngest pussy we can find can open. bleigh. yeah, some of us normal folks out there have porn phobias. sheesh. society could stand to be a little more subtle. thats all i'm sayin'. there's no mystery left in anything involving anything sexual. mystery is the whole reason anything is sexy (well, to me). subtlety and quiet suprise. real people have nothing to offer these days. anything you want to know about sex is readily handed to you in whatever form you prefer: magazine, television, film, internet. you dont have to figure out anything at all on your own. there's no true discovery. all of that actually took a long time to write, because most of it was in phobic thought. so, if it doesnt all fit together, hopefully you get my point...whatever it was.

anywho, i was just given the lunch order for work, so await another exciting update whenever i get around to sliding off my lazy butt...


Blogger Crazy B said...

Everyone experiences things in a different way. Some people like to research. Porno doesn't take any mystery away from it at all. I should shut up and will.

Monday, November 22, 2004 9:21:00 AM  

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