Thursday, December 09, 2004

didnt i....didnt i........didnt i see you cryin'???

as it turns out, i got home, stuck my hand in my pocket, felt a bag of hot chocolate mix, and sure enough...I FORGOT MY MARSHMELLOWS!!! :::sobs::: maybe i'll remember next time. oh, well.

and as far as comments go: yes, i do have a hard time saying congrats. i also absolutely refuse to say God bless you after someone sneezes. and it irritates me a little when people tell me that, but only a little.

have you ever really thought about what you wanted out of life?? i mean like really, really thought about it. what do i want out of life?? a house? a white picket fence? a wonderful, loving husband who worships the ground i walk on and loves more than anything to play with my sexually sensitive hair? (too much information? oops) 2.3 children, a polka dotted puppy and an exotic rare snake collection? or is this just what i hope to achieve if i get really, really lucky?? i was thinking last night about some of the things in my life that i've never experienced. i have never sky dived (dove??) not that i'd want to, yeek, let's start smaller. i've lived in the same town for the past 21 years. and they've been 21 very long years, mind you. i've never been out of the country. i have no tattoos, i have two small piercings in my ears only. i've never kissed a girl. i've never even had a broken bone. where's that wild side that was supposed to pop out at me when i was a teenager?? i'm still waiting around. ever increasing alcohol consumtion that my parents dont admit to knowing about is as close as i've gotten so far. it seems to me that i've managed to suppress *almost* every single animalistic instinct and urge that my little body creates. i've done a pretty damn good job, too. this is sad to me. not for any particular reason, i sort of feel as if i'm wasting my life. **SHOCK** shut up, smart ass. :P oh, wait.......uh. anyways. i have the best body i've ever had in my life...going completely to waste. i wish i were more atheletic. hm.

now then, to pick up my drama that i just spewed all over you and put it back in my pocket. ahem. :::scoop:::

i began to wonder this ever so bright and cheerful christmas season (bleigh) if there is a such thing as hard rock/heavy metal christmas music. i know there's hard rock christian, so surely they threw a christmas hymn or two in there, hm? i figure this is a wonderful idea and has to exist somewhere out there. if anyone can find this, this is a GREAT idea for a christmas present. otherwise, i'll buy this from someone. so, think on that. i'm interested and looking.

oh, and who said that just because you have a child you're allowed to talk about them 24/7 at your work place??? hmm??? i think there should be a limited number of words or a time period allotted to the discussion of one's offspring in the work place. just a me get a petition...


Blogger Crazy B said...


Friday, December 10, 2004 2:12:00 PM  
Blogger El Mucho Roddo said...

ohhhh, that explains the request. Well hell, why didn't ya just say so.

Monday, December 13, 2004 7:52:00 AM  

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