Friday, December 17, 2004

pickle juice

just not at the last bite of the hamburger. sheesh.

just about to get off lunch. my tummy is oh, so full. ::burp:: excuse me. not alots happened since last time. i found out night before last that it's illegal to purchase alcohol after 2 in the morning. and as it turns out, everyone else in the world knows this, too. but it's okay. i dont mind being looked at repeatedly like a dumbass. not a-tall. oh, well, my alcoholism will just have to wait till....tonight, i guess, if i can get off early enough. let's see. hm. (oh, yeah, oh yeah oh yeah OH YEAH! YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!) okay, looks like my alcoholism can resume tonight.

anyways, now that that's out of the way for the week. having a christmas party tomorrow. wah-hoo. i Am looking forward to it, despite what some people think. this'll be the first social gathering like this for me in quite a while, i'm eager to see how this turns out. i see some heavy drinking and heavy crying and cursing coming out of this, but you never know. it might be absolutely wonderful. i am getting a present, so it can't be all bad. i might just buy a santa hat. just cause i'm wild and crazy like that.

i'm off work next thursday and friday. i am soooooo happy. oh my gosh am i happy. i dont know what i'll do, but i wont be here and that's all that's important. i'm also off friday after next too. that'll be cool. my paychecks are gonna suffer, but i really dont make that much anyway, so it all works out fine. speaking of which, 401k is the devil, in case anyone wants to know. i'm sure i'll appreciate this once i'm 60, but for now, damn. they took out $64.65 this week. i didnt realize that little percentage would turn out to be that much. oh, well. at least i might be able to afford a nice retirement home for myself.

well, back to work.


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