Wednesday, December 15, 2004


ah, bask in the ever glowing glory of my presence which has now returned. i was oh, so deathly ill yesterday. i had my icky day of this cold that i've had for like a week now. so, i laid in bed most of the day, staring at the ceiling, rasping for breath. not pleasant. i coughed up stuff yesterday no one should ever have to taste, least of all me. ickity. yes, you did want to know that, trust me. it will help you later on in life.

well, let's see. i had a meeting today at work as soon as i got here. like a real close the door, boss and supervisor meeting. i got in trouble for something that wasnt my fault. this is rare for me. i'm completely used to my laziness getting me in trouble, as it should. but this irritates me. no story there, just irritating. also, little miss "pamper me 'cause i'm pregnant" has this little quirk about not being able to handle two radios at one time on opposite ends of the office both on volume level negative 5, but whatever. no story there either, it just bugs me.

ummmm, i saw mean girls today. not as good as expected, but what did i really expect?? so, it was an acceptable disappointment. and i'm okay with it.

alright, time to get back to work. yippee...

oh, and ho ho ho, merry christmas


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