Tuesday, December 14, 2004

one fish two fish red fish blue fish

heidi ho!! i got off work, wah-hoo and now here it sit. bored out of my itty bitty skull. on second thought, my skull's not that itty bitty, its just the monstrous size of my brain that makes my skull seem so small. yeah, thats it....::cough::

anyway, i'm bored so enjoy some poetry from myself and a little miss morgan.


I am so tired.
Man, I hope I don’t get fired
For falling asleep on the job
And acting like a slob
Drooling all over my desk
And making such a nasty mess
For dreaming of flowery fields and butterflies
And banana splits and chocolate pies
About lollipops and teddy bears
And little gnomes that have no hairs
With nosy little whispers all around me
Oh no! I think my boss found me
“WAKE UP! WAKE UP!” My boss says
“What happened? You’re made completely out of pez
You smell so good, you smell so right
Do you mind if I have a bite?
One little bite, just one?
I promise after that I’ll be done”
“NO!” I screamed. “YOU CAN HAVE NONE!!”
And I fell out of my chair trying to run
But I could not run; my legs were made of jello
All fruity and red and green and yellow
“This makes no sense”, as I scratched my head
“Wait a minute…I must still be in bed.”
I took off crawling toward the door
I jumped outside and landed on my floor
OUCH!! I won’t do that any more
And my clock says it’s only half past four
I guess I should probably go back to sleep
So I’ll crawl back in bed and not make a peep
I try to get up, only I can’t
I look down at my legs and I almost faint
My legs are all fruity and red and green and yellow
My legs really ARE made out of jello
Oh, well, I guess I’ll just sleep on the floor
And maybe I won’t have any of those crazy dreams anymore,


Blogger Crazy B said...

That was a nice rhyme,
and it didn't cost a dime,
I filled me with joy,
like a kid with a toy,
a warm feeling deep inside of me,
no wait I just have to pee,
I enjoyed it just the same,
I swear it wasn't lame.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004 7:49:00 AM  

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