Friday, January 01, 2010

i started my period and a happy new year to me!!

we rang in the new year much like every other year. drunk but more sober than last year. and, there was no crying. that's always a plus. at the stroke of twelve, fireworks outside started going slap bonkers!! we kissed and i swear we fell asleep literally 45 seconds later. we're getting so old.
before our old age caught up to us, we learned a pathetically small portion of twinkle twinkle little star together on my fancy new keyboard that rodney dodney got me for christmas. is it amazingly tiny?? nope. just standing 5 feet away from it.
these are the books that came with it. i'm still working on that middle one. so far, i'd recommend it.

after that, we played rounds and rounds and rounds of nintendo. merry christmas to me, merry christmas to me. merry christmas to meeee-eeeee, merry christmas to me.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?? mario died!!!! ::: gasp :::: oh, no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaaaaaaaand lastly, this is how evey and jables rang in their new year. the same way they ring in every other day of the year. lazy ass cats.


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