Tuesday, December 29, 2009

letter to deedle

soooooooo, christmas has come and gone and i'm even slightly more proud of my boyfriend than i was merely a week ago. #1) he bought me the mario collection for the
wii. it has been AWESOME. i've tried to give him a turn on the original mario, but i just rock it so hard. it's hard to play two player on that when player two is being so severely overshadowed by the raw awesome power of player one. ya know?? #2) he also got me a keyboard, a learning to read music basics book, several piano books, and he's learning to play piano with me. he knows the basics of how to read music and he plays the guitar very well, but he's not really familiar with piano. it was so cool. so, soooo cool. we've played together a little bit, but i've barely touched it because i'm still kind of embarrassed and afraid to play in front of him. (since i know virtually NOTHING about music theory or rhythm or anything else necessary to touch a musical instrument) he also got me a set of head phones that plug in so i can play all i want without worrying about people hearing me suck. he's headed to baton rouge the first half of this week and he said if i know what's good for me, i better be able to play him twinkle twinkle little star by the time he returns. at least the twinkle twinkle part.

my new years resolution is to pick up my poetry writing again, master the keyboard by summer, and have all the kids personalized cd's made by next christmas(and of course be famous and rich by 2012). time to get crackin!!


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